M151A2 TOW

The M151 is a light quarter ton transport truck that was used from 1960 to 1999. There was 100,000 M151s built from 1960-1982. Throughout its usage there was 3 main different variants. There was the M151, M151A1, and the M151A2. The M151 started production in 1960 and ended production in 1964 in favor of the M151A1. Some of the differences between the two were having turn signals in different places and some different clack out lights. The M151A1 was produced from 1964 to 1969. In 1969 the M151A2 replaced M151A1 production and was produced till 1982, some of the differences were a plastic spoke steering wheel instead of the wire spoke steering wheel found on the M151 and M151A1, composite turn signals, and 2 oval holes in the taillights. The M151s were equipped with a multitude of weaponry ranging from light machine guns too ATGMS. During Vietnam the M151 was used as a transport, ambulance, and Light support vehicle. In 1970 when the BGM-71A entered service it was soon after equipped to the M151A2 to give infantry an extremely light option to knock out tanks. The M151A2 used the M220 guided missile launcher tube which meant it could fire BGM71A-E. For this suggestion I will only be suggesting adding the M151A2 with the original BGM-71A. The BGM-71A gave the M151A2 the capability to engage enemy targets at ranges up to 3000 meters away. The BGM-71A is already found in game on the M113 (TOW) in the Italian and Israeli tech trees. From pictures I have found it seems the M151A2 could only carry 3 TOW missiles, 1 in the launcher and 2 on mounts to the right of the driver. There is the option to add either the Army one or the USMC one the only difference between the two is with the Army one the TOW missiles are mounted overtop each other while with the Marine one they are mounted next to each other (I am sure either one was used by both but that’s one of the differences I have noticed while researching the M151A2). My reasons for wanting this in the game are I think it would be really fun to play and the US tech tree needs a light vehicle with a TOW missile at the “lower” BR range maybe from 7.7-8.7? I say potentially as low as 7.7 do to it only being the first TOW missile and only having the ability to carry 3. If you think it should be at a different BR please let me know.

Weight: 2,320 pounds
Speed: 66 mph
Range: 288 miles
Length: 11’1” (3.38 m)
Width: 5’4” (1.63 m)
Height: 5’11” (1.80 m)
Engine: 141.5 cu in 4 cyl.
Horsepower: 71


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7.3 Wiesel 1a2

How do we still not have a single variation of a funny jeep with mounted gun in the game?


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gib TOW jeep, now.

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