M109 Penned by 50cal. Why

Can someone explain to me why the M109 gets eaten alive by 50cal? It has 32mm of armour and best case at 10m 50cal has 31mm of pen. even at zero angle it shouldn’t go through right?

It has 32mm of aluminium alloy 5083, which is only x0.32 as effective as RHA steel. So its only ~10mm of effective protection.


Self-propelled howitzers are not designed to engage in direct combat with any enemy forces; their defence is limited to small arms and minor artillery shrapnel.


aluminium alloy armour is significantly weaker than steel based armour

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The M109 is made of paper. It’s not well armored.


just as a heads up it’s a sniping tank. zero armor and decent mobility allows it to get places pretty quick. then you just sit tight and yeet the poor unfortunate that gets in your gunners sight