M109 need BR up to 7.3

The M109 is similiar like the Vidar only lacking stab and laser range finder. It don’t make any sense at br 6.0 because I see a lot of battles m109 killing tanks more then tanks vs tanks. In open maps and urban maps the M109 is the weapon of choice for experience players. Shoot accros the maps and you hit op tanks with high accuracy like the Vidar.

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Vidar doesn’t have a stabilizer. It does however get thermals.

Closest is the Type 99 which is 7.0 where you get higher velocity HE, higher velocity HE-VT, and a better reload

the m109 is 6,3

M109 and M109G is 6.0. M109A1 is 6.3.

lol. Yet the Russians have had 2S3M for a long time. Are the NATO mains just that much better with a worse vehicle?


2s3m is shit

Yet it reverses faster than the 109, has 1 more degree of depression, more resistant to machine gun fire…


M109 is still very new vehicle, give it time and people will learn to fight against it.
If they won’t, Gaijin will increase the BR.