M10 Type 91 105 mm Howitzer, Chinese Nationalist heavy modification of the wolverine

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caid’s suggestion #110

I would like to suggest a very unique tank that China would enjoy, the M10 Type 91 105 Howitzer

The history of these vehicles started right after WW2. With the withdrawal of the Japanese army in China, the Chinese Civil War resumed and a race to capture the largest number of Japanese equipment started between both factions, the Communists and the Nationalists. the Communists were more active in the front line during WW2 grow stronger and earned the support of the Chinese common folks by their tendency to defend the Chinese people no matter the cost, against the Japanese during WW2. this allowed them to capture a large number of Japanese equipment in 1945. the US embargo on the weapon export toward China which started in 1946 left the Nationalists with a largely inferior number of armored units. to go around the embargo, the Nationalists managed to obtain a demilitarized M10 Wolverine. the armament has been removed/sabotaged, the Nationalists replaced the usual 76mm gun with anything that could work which they had in their inventory. it was in Shanghai in 1949 that the first M10 was refitted with a Japanese 105mm Type 91 Howitzer. this gun left behind by the Japanese in 1945 had having anti-tank capacity but was mostly effective as close support against the infantry. the modification includes the installation of a structure to close the roof without reducing the space for the crew to operate the gun. 16 other tanks were later converted and brought to Taiwan when the Nationalists couldn’t hold the Chinese mainland. they saw a few years of services until they were replaced by new American equipment. a few of those vehicles were later converted into monuments and badly modified to look like the original M10 Wolverine.

the armament is pretty interesting. the 76mm M1 gun was replaced by a 105mm Type 91 gun. this ex-Japanese howitzer was offering a large number of rounds to use of which many were difficult to find (I got to cross the information here and there so there might have been mistakes in the performance of the gun) it had access to 2 types of APHE and a HEAT rounds along with serial HE, Sharpnel, illumination, and smoke rounds. those rounds will give the tank some interesting and decent firepower. the turret has been modified from the M10 Wolverine and should keep about the same performance as the original. the elevation of the gun range from -10° to +30° which is pretty comfortable to use and the turret can turn on 360°. there is no coaxial in the turret and the roof HMG is replaced by a 7.62mm M1919. there is a bow LMG in the front of the hull as well. 51 rounds are carried for the 105mm.

the tank mobility will remain identical to the regular M10. The chassis and mechanical parts been untouched it would be powered by the same 410 hp General Motors 6046 engine. the Synchromesh transmission offers 5 forward and 1 backward speed. the weight is identical to 29.6 tons the tank will have a power weight of 13.85 ho/ton. it will have a pretty decent overall mobility in-game.


the tank chassis and most of the turret remains identical to the regular M10 Wolverine. the chassis offers a pretty thick protection on the front (for the BR it should end up) while the side will be more vulnerable. the turret too has a thick gun mantlet but everything else is not very impressive. this tank features a new structure on the top of the turret which is very lightly armored. with 12.7mm of steel, it would just block LMG fire. the crew of 5 men are including 3 men in the turret and 2 in the hull.


Japanese field artillery


Japanese artillery weapons

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The Chinese improvised equivalent to the M4A3 (105). I can’t believe this hasn’t been added yet! +1

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Absolutely +1, gotta love low tier derp guns
Great finds on the ammunition btw

wasn’t this thing on the tree when gaijin announced we would get china? i’m talking about that concept tree that’s just an image +1


+1 for Chinese BT-42.

Solid TT option , alternatively a battle pass vehicle

One of the more fun low tier options for China

Yes, it would be very cool and unique +1.

+1 to replace the current M10 GMC in China at 3.3.

3.3 is a bit too high, considering the M4 105 is only 3.0 with better armour, turret traverse and a 50cal. This can be 2.3 or 2.7br.

Fair enough, I would just prefer to see copy paste in general replaced with indigenous alternatives. While this M10 modification would probably be a lower BR than the tech tree one, I’m sure something else could be found to replace it in due time.


Hello guys, please keep the topic on the vehicle itself, no more history discussion here.
@T50B_BlackEagles @阿依土鳖的罗初



120mm for the Heat shell?
On the original Japanese Ho-Ni II i saw that that would be over greater ranges and closer up (800m?) it was less, duo to rotation. Tho i do not know what will be implemented.

In Taiwan



those are very nice pictures
it make me feel like the forehead is much more armored