M10 Booker: The Micro Abrams

Dayum, yes I want this XD

well the speed is 72km/h and it has a 1070hp engine

I personally dont play American tt so this doesnt bother me, but +1 for American tank fans.

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Big if true

I can see the wiki has it listed as 1070, but I can’t find anything else on that?

no more like it uses similar systems to the M1 Abrams so there is less training needed due to the familiarity of the systems.

It can only withstand 30 mm apdfs rounds while a T-72 URAL weighthing a fem tons more can bear 105 mm NATO amunition.

How do you know the armor protection? Nothing has been made public about the protection (specifics).

I have Heard on a video of a YouTuber called “Don Juan de Austria” that has a blog called “guerra acorazada.”

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Well, Gaijin’s probably not going to consider a blog a reliable enough source. The armor will need to be measured and/or sources taken from a manufacturer/ US Army.

its anything but mediocre, most of its advantages just don’t translate into warthunder.

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For in-game, if they can add the acoustic detection capabilities, implement the decent modular armor, and give it the M900, it will perform well.


Isnt its turret also heavily armored?

See, thats another thing this game doesnt model correctly which affects effectiveness IRL, in many vehicles. Its a video game, so its much different than IRL. Bur simple increased visibility, communications, ergos, comfortability, logistics, survivability, unmodeled features like PDUs, silent running, this acoustic detection, auto target tracking, Ai software, etc, all make a better platform IRL. But in a cqc action video game, all that matters is speed, armor, and penetration

I’d love to see more American tracked lights (preferably tech tree for once), +1.

That said, I think the M10 is abhorrently ugly, so it’s a hesitant +1, but a +1 nonetheless.


Holy Necro post Batman.

At forty tons it’s hardly light and at 800 BHP it power to weight is the same as the Abrams, no faster than most MBTs.

It’s an infantry support vehicle for Airborne and Urban warfare not Tank vs Tank duels.
I can imagine the complaints already :)

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Yeah, technically I suppose it’s not a light tank. I can imagine some people would be very excited for this and play a few games and have their dreams crushed, but if you treat it like what it is it could be a fun support vehicle.


Well happy new year anyway ,I hope you are moderating a few drinks, in moderation of course ;)

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Thanks for reminding me. New possible engine specs:

  • Possible upgrade: Rolls Force MTU 8V199 TE23 15.9 L, 1,070 hp (800 kW) providing a max speed of 72km/hr.
  • Standard: Rolls Force MTU 8V199 TE21 15.9 L, 820 hp (600 kW) providing a max speed of 65km/hr.

A very nice vehicle for sure!
Probably 10.7 as it slightly outperforms the TAM 2C in firepower, optics, armour, and mobility.
Though I’m sure finding sources on this thing’s performance is going to be tricky…

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The hardest part is going to be the armor. It’s supposed to protect against 30mm darts I believe but I would have to dig into it again. Luckily we have the engine, transmission, ammunition, optics, and accessories like the acoustic detector.


Yeah, the Booker is rated for STANAG 4569-6 with its level 3 armour package. But “frontal protection from 30mm APFSDS at 500m and all-around against 14.5mm” is a bit vague lol. Plus, that’s just the minimum to qualify; the armour is likely better especially on the turret.

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