M1/M2 Abrams need fix

Hello everyone! So the first thing is the Commanding Sight when i try to use it it wont work. 2nd thing the Abrams need better Hull Armor its not good against the T-90s, T-80s, T-72s and Leopard 2s. I’d say at least for the Abrams’s Hull Armor: 150/80/60 mm, Turret Armor: 139/120/13 mm, Armor Penetration: 480/480/480 mm, At Distance 10/100/500. Also i just think USA should get better tanks because USSR and Germany has strong tanks and i think it would be more fair. Thanks for reading

Take your shitposts elsewhere,
So. many. shitpost. And yes that’s the correct term for it, cause that’s what it is.

First off, the M1-M1A1 don’t have commander sights, this is on the M1A2 series. They used the gunners sights actually for taking over control of the gun, they didn’t have a seperate sight like some other MBTs ingame do.

Secondly, topics already exist for these things, take your discussions there man instead of posting 50 random posts a day about random stuff that’s low effort and nonsense, make real posts worthy of peoples time dude.

Edit: Cope mr flagger


Bro read the statcard and started yapping.
Keep up the streak lmao

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Take yourself out of here to loservill population you

I may be coming off as rude, I realize that now, for that I apologize, I truly do. I never meant to be rude initially, but I see now I absolutely was. I think due to you exhibiting a lack of knowledge on a few things in game, as I believe I saw you ask about what multipathing was the other day (may have been something else dunno for sure, I see a hundreds of posts in my free time when I’m bored), caused me to gain a prejudice against your, your arguments, and topics. Again, even if you don’t believe me, I’m sorry, I really am.

All I ask is that you use existing topics, or create higher quality posts filled with more info in the starter post for those without existing topics, please. I’ll try not to be so harsh and hurtful in the future, but I may still be critical for a lack of info or quality if you decide to continue posting them, but ofc I’ll try to be much nicer about it and explain with reasoning why I feel a certain way.

Again again, I’m sorry…