M1 Abrams tree

Why is the armor on all the M1 Abram tanks about the same? Because in reality the Turret face should have around 700 to 900mm of armor and the underglacis should be around 700mm of armor.

Can we find out why it is like this?

You can go ahead and post documents that prove that.

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Do you have evidence for that

. I just don’t understand why there are some tanks out there that can cut through said armor like nothing

I listened to a dev by JustinTv when the m1a2 sep v2 tank was first coming out and talked a little bit about how the armor ain’t exactly accurate

but do you have proof

If you get on the game and look at the abram tanks at the protection analysis you will find a difference between that and what I posted above

What I highlighted is what the armor should be

I was getting around 750 to 800mm of armor against kinetic rounds on the protection analysis for the turret

They are asking if you have Government documents that can prove it. Websites don’t count because they aren’t government based so they could be lying, and that includes the manufacturing website (unless you are Russia, in which case it doesn’t matter).

Yes, the Abrams feels like it is missing armor. Gaijin is going off of what they are given and know (for better or for worse) and adjusting from there. It is stupid at times, I know, but c’est la vie.

Be careful while sharing any military document. Always check for Classified/Restricted/Export Restricted markings.

Where would I get military documents?

National archives in the US besides theres no proof other than random websites that qoute the 1000mm KE on the turret, also the hull armour of the abrams has been known for a while its as it should be ingame the americans never bothered to increase the hull armour until SEP V3

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Abrams hull Armor. Obvious not that thick

More modern NERA components = more RHA armor equalvent.

Secret docs XD ( I know its declassified)

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“leaking” (de)classified documents was on my daily to do list, yo 😂😂

Btw do you have the link of this document?

Found a few more pictures from the same document.
I think this part isn’t present in the in game model.


It does.

Not even the SEPv3, according to GDLS, has this much hull effectiveness.