M1 Abrams should receive a better round than M774

If you have proof of these, submit them to Gaijin as a bug report. And don’t pretend like Russia has no more rounds to add. I can think of 3BM42-2, 3BM48 and 3BM59 are three examples of rounds more powerful than 3BM60 that aren’t in the game yet.

But even if NATO had vastly superior ammunition to Russia IRL (which, admittedly is probably true), under what justification should it be added to War Thunder? (IE, what tanks should get it, and why?)

The Leopard 2s (and 122s) are already the best tanks at top tier by far.

The Abrams has the best firepower in the game, because it has the 2nd best round in game, as well as a 5 second reload.

The Challenger 3 and Ariete, while weak, don’t underperform because of their firepower.

In fact, the only countries that struggle with firepower at top tier are the Russians and Chinese (longest reloads and worst rounds).

Are you saying the best tanks in game should be further buffed? I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot, if that happened, you’d be crying “rUSsIAn BIaS”.


i dont have any legal documents, and I’m not going to cry about russian bias, I’m just annoyed that tanks arent getting their available ammunition types because another doesn’t have anything to rival it other than the OBJ 292 which is really damn fun to play

I find that it is perpetrated more by high tier NATO players because they want to have the best vehicles. Or they are making excuses for poor performance.

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Yes, that is also the case.
If I was a bad player, I’d be blaming American bias for my T-80BVM deaths.
And German bias for my M1A2 SEP deaths.