M1 Abrams and the M833

Playing the M1 Abrams is just no fun, it lacks in firepower and armor. Sure it’s fast but only by a bit if you compare it to the Leopard 2A4 for example. The 5 second reload isn’t worth much as most tanks just one shot you or if they don’t then the loader and the 5 seconds reload is gone anyway.

So why not just add the M833 to the M1? The penetration is still nowhere close to the competitors at the same BR (and even to the ones at lower BR’s). I’m sure this would help.



I thought it lacked punch to. But then again go look at the XM803 and the MBT70. both of those got a major nerf. they went from being able to kill things with well placed shots to barely being able to scratch enemy armor. I think they get nerfed because of the effectiveness that they show in the stats.

Look on Google and you’ll find a bunch of posts in the past asking for Abrams to have M833 and be moved up to 10.3. It’s at 10.3 now.

The Abrams’ armor is useless against Soviet contemporaries; 95+% of the front of the tank is penetrable by Mango at 10.0. 100% of the front is penetrable by TAPNA at 10.3 and 3BM46 @ 11.3 (full uptier - which is fairly common).
The mobility is nothing special compared to 2A4. M774 is non-negligibly weaker than everything else at this BR (TAPNA @ 10.3 - 510mm), especially considering that the original Abrams had M900 (“FM 3-20.12”)

Perhaps in the past the US had powerful equipment and needed to be artificially limited to keep the vehicles in balance. This is no longer the case.


M833 should be available from at least the M60A3 TTS on but it’s not. Makes no sense.


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wasting your time with this they dont care, about the U.S Tech Tree, just stop spending money i know i have and i will never spend $$$ again.


For most of the mbt lines, the top round for the previous tank is carried over as an intermediate round for the next.

This is not done for the M1, the next in line with 105 IPM1 has both M833 and M900. While the M1 gets stuck with M774.

3BM42 date 1986
M833 date 1983
M900 date 1989
DM23 date 1983
DM33 date 1987

Looking at the date, there is no reason to not give M833 to the M1.

Looking at the 3BM24 a round with 450mm of flat pen, given to mbt as low as 9.7 or 3S25 at 9.3.

Why do nato mbt get equivelant rounds at much higher BR?

I have no problems with M1 with M900 but then leo2a4 should get DM33.

M833 is a must for vehicles that historically used it. As mentioned in other posts in this thread. Even then barely on par with 105 DM33.


This question has been existed for at least 4 years, when M1 abrams came, people were asking for m833, however, gaijin still believe that M1’s win rate is too high( it’s pretty wired that IPM1 with m900 in 10.7)

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Does “$$$” mean you will never spend hundreds again, but you will spend tens ones and thousands?

Gotta keep that Russian Bias strong. ( Oh Please community flag my post to hide it, idc ) russian tanks get 3BM42 at 9.3 , meanwhile u.s tanks still using m735 m774 up until 10.3


According to Wikipedia (I know, I know but does someone have a better source at hand?) we were using M833 as early as 1983. The basic M1 Abrams was in active production until 1985. Hmm, strange to think about when you realize how many Russian tanks get shells made long after production ceased. By those standards the M60A3 and its M68E1 should be allowed to get M833.


jep but only for non ru nation it matters if the breach/barrel could withstand? the increased pressure…
only a certain number of m1 abram(abrams?) could use m883 because of the newer breach
not that it matters in warthunder but well … ^^

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That’s not true. Only certain guns could use M900 but even that problem was solved with M900A1. There are pictures of Marines training with M900A1 in Desert Storm, and they only used M60s.

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nevermind my mistake then, but yes m1 with m833 would be fine

Meanwhile russians drive around at 9.3 with mango

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M833 used a longer rod instead of more powder and pressure for its increased penetration.

they dont care about the abrams, just stop playing them


Yep, they just don’t care. With the upcoming BR changes, the M1A1 and IPM1 are going to move to 11.0. If you keep asking for M833 for the M1 Abrams it might get it and be moved to 10.7. So, it can sit at the same BR as the T90a and ZTZ99s. @sartt is right, just stop playing them.


Yup, its ridiculous at this point, People that say russian bias isnt real are fkn blind


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