M-802 now BR4.0 instead of BR3.7

Please change the M-802 Arcade Battle Rating back to 3.7

I cannot find any information regarding when or why the M-802 got raised from BR 3.7 to 4.0
Is it a bug? Did they make it better? Because it is getting seal clubbed so hard at 4.0
It has made my 3.7 Premium Preset useless, looking at the available German 4.0 Navy and Aircraft… a 4.0 Premium Preset just isn’t viable.

I tried to make a suggestion to change it back, that has disappeared.

My daily bread and butter 3.7 premium lineup before they broke it:

My, now broken, 3.7 lineup:

They did the same thing with my 5.7 Premium Preset and Prinz Eugene
They reverted the Prinz Eugene from 6.0 back to 5.7 THANKYOU!
I was unable to use my 5.7 Preset for the longest time.
It is a pain that I can no longer effectively use my 3.7 Preset for the same avoidable reason.


I have added the Jaguar Destroyer to my 3.7 preset as seen below, it is playable again, but it still misses that M-802


It got moved up last BR rebalance because it was decimating coastal areas, has good AA, and could go toe to toe with equivalent destroyers. It was borderline OP and deserved the change. The idea that it will now go from clubber to clubbed is simply not true when it will be facing pretty much the same opposition during the initial minutes.

Making a decent German 4.0 lineup is easy - V990, Z12, Karl Marx, Do335A-1/Me410B-1. It’ may not quite be up to Russian 4.3 standards but hardly weak.

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Yeah not in my experience, I have seen maybe 2 other random M-802 in the last year+
And 0 active ones not to mention I haven’t seen you at that tier ever.
I had to get crew lvl 100 to sail less like a brick and even then I still get 1 torped by the weakest coastal boat.
My few games a day is hardly enough impact to describe as coastal decimation.
What equivalent destroyers? There’s a reason it hides with the coastal.
Even my maxxed out Luchs only-just out-brawls “equivalent” destroyers and not always.
“Borderline” but not OP, it is slow and squishy.
The SKR-7 Decimating coastal is reality not opinion.
“Simply not true” how does now facing 5.0s = “pretty much the same”…
V990 is 3.0… Z12 is 4.3… Karl Marx I am still months away from earning… Need boat lineup before I can use aircraft…
Not only is this not “up to the Russian standards” it’s not up to my standards.

They made this mistake with the Prinz Eugene and reverted it,
I am saying they are repeating the same mistake.

“Pretty much” massive difference.


Sorry but no. The Drache is at 3.3 and is perfectly fine in that tier, the M-17 and M-802 were fine at 3.7, especially given the opposition. They really messed up a lot in the coastal line in the last BR change, with the Italian Albatros going to 4.0, the Gabbiano going, inexplicably, to 3.7 (why? It’s weaker than the Drache, the Chikuma, the Izuzu, about the same as the Candid…), the HMS Peacock and Le Orla going for 4.0 despite the HMS Blackpool sitting at 3.7… These are changes that have nothing to do with how the ships actually are equipped and perform, and are more to do with how top-tier coastal players play the game, when being paired with lots of new people in 3.3 because they bring their reserve destroyer alongside their reserve coasties and get beat up on.


I see a lot of M802s and they often do make a big impact as the players don’t rush to cap due to the low speed but use their greater firepower on th multiple smaller PTs. Just because you don’t appear to be doing well doesn’t mean many of the games stats I see show the exact same boat dominating early game when it’s surrounded by PT and River boats.

If you are having to max crew skills to even use it hen it’s not the boats fault as most of the skills won’t make any difference, especially as you aren’t grinding mods for it.

Equivalent destroyers? Its got the the exact same hull thickness and main gun as the T22, as well as being similar to a whole host of low tier DDs from.other nations. The only thing going against it is it’s slow speed which is offset by a better spawn.

The Luch is identical to the Leopard, and I consider that the 2nd best reserve destroyer available. You should be more than capable of going head to head with others at its BR. It may only have 3 main guns but they are the same type as many German Z’s and are limited only by the low ammo count.

“V990 is 3.0… Z12 is 4.3” - your own 3. 7 lineup uses a 1.0 LS4 so why question the V990 as the PT for a 4.0 lineup? It’s actually a very popular choice. And yes I meant the Z15 rather than the Z12 but it differs only in detail and plays identical.

If you haven’t got the Karl Marx just use the T22 in its slot. The only thing your losing is coastal RP but it’s better against other destroyers.

Honestly, and trying to be polite, it appears you are under performing.

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I don’t doubt that you have seen more than me.
Hearing many opinions and not so many facts, assumption is the mother of all mess ups.
Why do you keep comparing my premium ships to none premium ships, that would make it a none premium line up…
My 3.7 and 5.7 line up are SL earning lineups, I am not interested in talisman RP vehicles.
Sounds like someone who doesn’t actually use the boat.
This is about boats and incorrect battle rating not player skill,
I see that when your argument proved fruitless you had to attack something else.
I am perfectly capable of handling myself on my 3.7 lineup but that has nothing to do with this.
I’ve seen you in many a thread so I know just how badly you need to have the last word.
You can do/say what you like your opinion, which everyone is entitled to have one, is just that an opinion and has been noted, thanks for sharing. Moving on.


Luch = Leopard, LS3 =LS3 with a 20mm, M802 = M17 with extra secondaries…its not difficult for anyone with experience of the German fleets to figure out the out performance of these premium even if not owned as they are virtually, if not exactly the same.

If you don’t like others opinions then why bother posting in the first place? You claim moving it 3.7>4.0 wrecked both the boat and the lineup which is clearly not true, I even provided you with a new lineup to suit it. Obviously not willing to consider there are alternatives that will work just as well and that BR changes are not an automatic death sentence.

Perhaps if you had read the news thread and looked at the spreadsheets from Gaijin you would have know the M802 was going up and objected at the time. Instead you only just complain now. You had your chance and blew it.

I’ve not seen a single other thread complaining about the change, players still spawn them regularly with success, they still take effort to destroy. This is particularly unusual considering its premium status that would normally bring cries of derision, and yet silence. So it seems most players have accepted nothing has changed except a number and yet…


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no one’s opinion is superior or more correct.
Don’t soak the thread.


The assumption the M802 is now a dead boat is just an assumption. Thanks for your opinion now move on if you don’t actually want to consider alternatives to continue using it.


Makes about as much sense as raising the Luchs and Jaguar (destroyer) to 4.0 which makes no sense,
So for sure they’ll do it!
Funny how when keyboard warriors get called out they just keep going.


Clearly there are some people who know how to make the best of the M-802, and their success warrants a BR increase.

My take is that it is a situational boat - at 3.7 I have it in my lineup for situations where I thought it would be useful - mostly for cleaning up low BR PT boats and Soviet river-gunboats or when the enemy was fielding a lot of a/c… at 4.0 I’ll have another look and there may be better options.

as long as not other obvious op vessels don’t get their BR increased its ridiculous to increase M-802 or Gabbiano (this is no 3.7 ship ! ) .


those ships should get their BR increase for quite some time but agreed there are other major offenders missing on the list.

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M-802 is capable of exterminating all other boats with boat spawn, such as Pr. 206 (BR 4.3) and 16mm boats, so BR 4.0 or higher is appropriate.
Compare with boats with boat spawn, not with boats with destroyer spawn. If Gaijin take away the boat spawn from the M-802, as Shōnan does, then it is permissible to lower the BR.

No clue why you and your buddy keep comparing same tier boats.
I have absolutely no problem going toe to toe with same tier boats.
I am capable of exterminating most other boats at spawn just as some of them are capable of exterminating me.
M-802 being slow and squishy it not an opinion.
I compare the highest tier I’ll be facing as that’s what will be squashing me.
In Navy Arcade Battle that’s seeing ships BR +1.0 higher
That means my 3.7 Premium Preset went from seeing 4.7 to 5.0
i.e. I went from not seeing Moffet to being killed by them almost every game.

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Are you suggesting that only M-802 should be given special treatment? Just as the poor boats of BR3.3 and the beginner BR3.3-3.7 destroyers will have to face SKR-7, it is not only M-802 that will face BR+1.0.

Someone else mentioned (in thread, actually read above) it happened to a few ships same time as M-802
Not for the better from what I have seen and heard.

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These big coastal spawn boats like the M-802 (some others as well) have the massive issue that they get locked up easily by destroyers and early cruisers from their spawns. Alot maps are quite open and you get gunned down easily while you just move very, very slowly out of your spawn.

Its especially bad with SKR-7’s these pinpoint precise lasercannons kill your M-802 before your match even starts. The slow speed makes it impossible to escape their autogun salvos, they fire right away from their destroyer spawn.


To put it another way, you like it when you destroy kids in droves on 802, but when they do it to you, you don’t like it. Tell me, in real life, do you also like to beat women and children?

No need to put it any other way. The BR was raised and shouldn’t have been - it should be changed back just as they did with the Prinz Eugene when they made the same mistake.

No hidden agenda, no words for you to twist and no double meanings.

You are mistaken,
This is not the place for you to share IRL personal ,vulgar, violent self insecurities.