M-55S: Slovenian Wrath

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An M-55S on display.

  • Basic Description :
    • In the early 1990s after its independence from Yugoslavia, the newly-formed country of Slovenia had inherited a small inventory of M-84 and T-55A main battle tanks that made the bulk of its armor. Throughout the '90s, the Slovenian Ground Forces went through a modernization period, focusing on modernizing its M-84 and T-55A main battle tanks which resulted in the M-84A4 Sniper and M-55S. The M-55S was a joint project between local Slovenian manufacturers and Israeli’s Elbit Systems designed to enhance the T-55A in firepower, maneuverability, and protection as well as allow it to meet NATO standards. This modernization replaced the old D-10T 100mm rifled Gun with a NATO compatible L7A1 105mm rifled gun, new optics for the crew, Super Blazer ERA and passive armor, new electronics including communications and countermeasures equipment such as the LIRD-3A Laser Warning receiver and IS-6 Smoke Grenade Discharging system and a new V-12 diesel engine. The new gun is capable of firing all the newest NATO standard rounds, including APFSDS-T. The gun also is equipped with a thermal sleeve to prolong the barrel life. M-55S in Slovenian service had access to M156 (HESH), M152/3 (HEATFS), and M426 (APFSDS) Israeli rounds. The combat kit had to be sized down from 43 to 39 rounds. The crew which consists of 4, the Gunner, Commander, Loader, and Driver, received new optics and a fire control system from the Slovenian company Fotona that greatly affected the performance of the vehicle. The fire control system includes a ballistic computer and a linkage between the Gunner and Commander stations. The Gunner received a dual-stabilized day/night sight with an integrated Laser Rangefinder dubbed the SGS-55, the Commander utilizes the COMTOS-55 which is attached under his TPKU-2B periscope and has the capability to seize control of the Gunnery systems from the Gunner in the event of a system failure or casualty, and the Driver utilizes the day/night sight CODRIS which allows for continued/sustained night operations. From the Israeli company Elbit Systems, the M-55S equips the Super Blazer ERA, a continuation of the original Blazer armor found on Israeli Centurions. The Super Blazer features enhanced armor protection against HEAT-shaped charges and is layered with Passive Armor that increases the vehicle’s overall survivability. On top of armor upgrades, the M-55S is equipped with the Fotona LIRD-3A LWS which is coupled to the IS-6 Smoke Grenade Dischargers that can be activated automatically or manually in the event of incoming projectiles. For maneuverability, the M-55S suspension was adapted to accommodate the M-84’s tracks, installing new sprocket wheels and four return rollers on each side while the engine was modernized which resulted in an increase of horsepower to around 600hp. Other upgrades include modernized communication equipment like the VIC-1 intercom system, an external phone for supporting infantry, a new fire extinguishing system, and sensory equipment that allow the M-55S to increase its overall capabilities. Additionally, a large hole (approx. 350x250mm) was cut through the turret to allow access to the new CNR-900 radio system, which was housed in an armored box (a “bustle”). 28 T-55s went through the modernization process and served alongside the M-84A4 Sniper main battle tank for two decades. The M-55S served with the Slovenian Ground Forces until 2022 when all 28 units were donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    • Special thanks to @YugoSlavfor their assistance in creating Yugoslavian suggestions!
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Main Battle Tank
    • Origin:
      • Slovenia
    • Armament:
      • Primary: 105mm L7A1 L/51 Rifled Gun
        • Caliber: 105 x 617mmR
        • Ammunition:
          • M426 APFSDS-T
          • M152 HEAT-FS
          • M156 HESH-T
      • Coaxial: PKT 7.62mm Machine Gun
      • Roof-mounted: DShKM 12.7mm Machine Gun
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 9.900m
      • Width: 3.500m
      • Height: 2.390m
      • Weight: 40t
    • Mobility :
      • Engine: 600hp Modernized V-55 Diesel Engine
      • Max Speed: 55km/h
      • Transmission: Manual (5-forward, 1-reverse)
      • Suspension: Torsion Bar
  • Crew:
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Loader
    • Driver
  • Features:
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • LIRD-3A Laser Warning Receiver
    • 2x IS-6 Smoke Grenade Launchers
      • Holds 12x Smoke Grenades, 6x on each side.
    • ESS
    • Armor:
      • Super Blazer ERA
    • Optics:
      • 2nd-generation IR Passive Sights:
        • Gunner: SGS-55 (Night Vision Device)
        • Commander: COMTOS-55 (Night Vision Device)
        • Driver: CODRIS (Night Vision Device)
  • In-game :
    • Powerful, upgraded main battle tank, featuring laser warning receivers, day/night sights, strong ERA against HEAT-shaped charges, and a wide variety of munitions including the powerful M426 APFSDS-T (with around 430mm of penetration at PB), the M-55S would fill a valuable role around 9.0 as a brawler tank that is capable of taking punishment. Even when the Gunner is knocked out, the Commander due to his COMTOS-55 sight can take control of the tanks Gunnery systems and engage targets. One thing that limits this vehicle’s capabilities at higher ranks is the lack of thermals. Operators should take caution when on night maps.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 9.0.
  • Sources:
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Document Images











Front views of the M-55S.



Rear views of the M-55S.


Side view of the M-55S.


An M-84 and M-55S during exercises.



The M-55S during exercises.


View of the multiple optics/electronics of the M-55S.


Gunner’s Station in the front and Commander’s station in the back. Note: The black circle with the white bearing markers in the middle of the image, left of the Commander’s Sight is the Laser Warning Receiver.


Commander’s Station, located behind the Gunner.


The COMTOS-55 sight.


Driver’s Station equipped with CODRIS Day/Night sight in the M-55S.


CODRIS Day/Night Sight.


A view of one CNR-900 radio in a standard variant of the M-55S (top left corner). To the right is a master control station for the VIC-1 intercom system.


A view of two CNR-900 radios in a command variant of M-55S. Below them is an ammo rack for one round.


Armor layout of the M-55S.

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It would be cool to see this vehicle +1

Regarding the ERA, it’s actually made by the Israeli company Rafael.
On their website you can see that it provides CE and KE protection, the problem is that I can’t find any values on the protection. Does anyone have more information?


super blazer