M-50 Degem Yud, Very unique Israeli sherman

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​caid’s suggestion #4


I would like to suggest a very unique Sherman for Israel. the Degem Yud


The development of the Degem Yud started as far as 1956. at the moment the Israelis were converting their Sherman into M-50 standard. of the first batch 50 tanks were converted to M-50 which was mainly giving them modified turret with a new French gun. The French gun was more capable of penetrating the semi-modern armor than the US 76mm gun. so it was natural for the IDF to adopt a gun that was capable of at least penetrating the tanks it could fight.

in the 50s, Israel was a brand new nation surrounded by hostile nations. The need for armament was high and the budget was small. having little more choice but to make do with the outdated tanks from WW2, the IDF was not yet capable of replacing the Shermans with more modern tanks. knowing one of the problems of the Shermans was his tall silhouette, they decided to find a solution to his height.

the height of the Sherman was a known issue for a long time. the thing is the Sherman was not possible to be shorter due to the mechanical part going under the turret basket, namely the transmission’s shaft who link the center of the engine to the transmission at the front floor.

But a new engine was proposed to the Sherman as an update. Israel whose budget was low saw the upgrade of Sherman’s engine as a way to improve the Sherman’s mobility but also as a potential solution to the height.
the new Cummins VT8-460 was offering more power and lower fuel consumption than any Sherman engine at that time. it could increase the mobility, speed, and range of the Sherman which was already a good advantage. but the best feature is in the arrangement of the engine itself. the instant of having the transmission shaft attached in the lower part of the engine instant at the middle. this makes the Shaft link the engine to the transmission on the floor of the Sherman instead of making a diagonal from the middle to the floor. this mean a space was now free under the turret basket.

to see if the Sherman could benefit from taking the space freed by the shaft to lower the turret. the hull’s upper part was cut and the turret was lowered by 30cm. this reduced the height of the Sherman while still making it work perfectly. the Degem Yud was born and the prototype was tested.

while the weight was probably reduced due to the hull being lower (which would improve the mobility), the main improvement was the size of the Sherman which was closer to the size of a T-54 now.

while the prototype proved suitable, the concept was never approved. the reason is not explained, but it could very well been because it was too little of an improvement while requiring a lot of money. the test ended in 1958 and was followed by the adoption of the M-50 Mk II who was including the upgrade of the engine and armament to the existing Sherman.



the main armament been the 75mm SA50 , this tank will not lack of punch. using APCBC round with a velocity of 1000 m/sec, it can penetrate around 200m at short distance .the fire rate been 8 rounds per minute , the reload would be about as expected for such category of armament. the rotation of 24.0°/sec will allow this tank to feel comfortable in close combat. the elevation of -10°/+25° makes it suitable for every landscape as well. the only downside of this tank is the ammunition stowage would be reduced a lot (possibly down to 52 rounds)

the tank also feature a Hull LMG , a coaxial LMG and a 12.7mm M2HB on the roof . this shall allow the players to deal well with the aircraft.



the details of the mobility are unspecified. but it is an M50 Mk II probably a bit lighter. until we find the true specification of his weight, I will propose to give it the M50 Mk.II mobility and weight as a placeholder. the weight of 35 tonnes makes it one heavy Sherman, but the truth is the Degem Yud is probably about 33 tonnes. the new Cummings VT8-460 provides 460 hp which gives at least 13.14 hp/tonnes which is not bad for a vehicle of this level. The speed was increased to 43 km/h** which is a bit of an improvement over the regular Sherman. the suspension is also the Sherman classic HVSS which is found in the late production of the Sherman. while being just by a bit, the average mobility of the Sherman would be better than the one normally found in the game.


the armor thickness is not improved over the regular Sherman. but it remains the protection is better. the smaller size makes it less easy to spot and reduces the weak spots on the side a lot. the driver and hull machine-gunner bulge was also eliminated (they are a weak spot on the hull). the hull also had spare track at the front center which added to the armor thickness. there are 4 smoke launchers on the turret which allows a good smoke screen if needed. The crew of 5 men** is pretty standard for this kind of tank. 3 are in the turret and 2 in the hull.

A little Photoshop to show what the vehicles would look like in-game



A Sherman that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.



How interesting Sherman, I really liked how it looks visually and with the photoshop of the last image they give even more benefit from playing with. I wonder why gaijin hasn’t added the Sherman M-50s yet?

absolutely, we need Rank III for Israel
and there’s plenty to go there…

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5.0 isn’t a reserve vehicle.
Israel could have actual 1.0 reserve if you roll back to the Mandate period where you could have early British and French vehicles. And then they could have the ubiquitous plain-Jane Sherman. And since Gaijin give them captured stuff, the various Soviet things the Arabs got.

Its already in the French tree as the SA-50.

5.0 would be reserve just as the 6.0 M-51 is currently reserve, there being no research cost.

I don’t like this because that’s just British and French forces, not Israeli ones. It’s not even a Poland situation with like Israeli soldiers fighting in the British or French armies, or the territory being temporarily occupied. Israel as a nation simply didn’t exist yet. Now, you could add vehicles such as the M-3, M-4, Stuart, Cromwell, etc. but there’s not really enough for any significant lineups, which would leave just a bunch of unsupported single vehicles which I don’t believe would benefit anyone.

Besides, one step at a time. Rank III would be easy and simple to implement, with a couple good lineups of almost exclusively unique vehicles each with a huge historical significance.
Ranks II and I can maybe come eventually.

Yes, the prototype of one of the three major M-50 variants is in the French tree. I’m confident CT’s rhetorical was about M-50s in the Israeli tree, where they should have been added in Winds of Change 2 years ago. Writing off the M-50s because of the M4A4 SA50 would be like writing off the F-104G, S, ASA, etc because of the F-104A/C. Sure, it’s the same vehicle family. But the Italian F-104s offer so much more in their unique modifications, were the backbone of the air force for many years, and of course fill BRs where really no other aircraft can go.

Short Sherman! +1

Hey, it’s not short! It’s just vertically challenged!

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Hydraulic press Sherman :D

it can go down to rank 1 if they really want it

I have 33 suggestions still pending. they include the bulk of these vehicles. like 25 are for Israel’s lower rank.


Huge +1
Glad to see you making suggestions again
Are you planning to make more of your tree conepts?

I solely saw Israel Sherman the current M-50s are monster penetrators’ so yes more of them.

oy vey, more shermans??

what’s wrong with the Sherman the reason you see so many is because they are a good tank and a very easy to upgrade one as well very versatile.

You’re missing the 12.7mm armed halftrack!!!


that is what happens when a country builds 3 times the tanks they need and gives them away all over the world to rearm the countries that were liberated or just did not have tanks.

Israel has the most interesting variant of the tanks. they carried very different guns from one another. those tanks would perform very differently. they are the back bone of the Early Israeli tanks. if we want to see Israel have a rank 1-2-3. those Sherman are needed.


if you think a vehicle with no armour, no manoeuvrability and a gun that can only fire forward would stand a chance to be something else than free frag for the enemy. add it, but currently, with the game balance, it is not worth adding it. no matter what TEC said. we can’t add a vehicle just based on the fact some other vehicles have the same gun. the M2A2 have much more armour and real mobility. the M3 only have speed but can’t turn well and the armour is not even enough to block LMG fire at 200m. The issue is not the gun itself. but all the rest. it would need to be much more agile as the tanks are often immune to this gun on the frontal arc. anyone who has a proper notion of the current game balance and real experience would know that. why would Gaijin work so hard to add a vehicle no-body would play after they realize it’s garbage?

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Do you plan to make a suggestion to add tank ranks 1-3 for Israel as seen in this image?

not as seen in this image. but yes
the new suggestion will include a few more vehicles that are unique to Israel and fit for the game

I am just waiting for the many suggestions that are pending to be approved first. there is 30 of them for Israel alone. not all of them are from the old forum. there is also an handful of new one