Lydia's Yak-1B

Would you like to see Lydia’s Yak-1B as a premium pack in-game?
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Fighter Ace Lydia Litvyak “White Lily” – Highest Aerial Victories by a ...
12.7 mm Berezin UBS machine gun (Ammo: 2400)
20 mm ShVak cannon (Ammo: 1200)

. Crew x1
. Max Speed : 458 MPH
. At Hight: 13,120 ft
. Max Altitude : 34,540 ft
. Turn Time: 19.5 s
. Rate of Climb: 2649 ft/min
.Takeoff Run: 1207

. Battle Rating 5.3
. Title “Fighter Pilot”
. 2,500 Golden Eagles
. 25 Days of Premium Account
. New profile icon of “Lydia Litvyak”

Image on this site

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This isnt Lydia Litvyak.

There was already a promotion with a Russian band called Radio Tapok that gave a code for Lydia Litvyak profile image, the white lilly decal, and a camos for the Yak 1 and Yak-1B.

So I doubt they’ll re-publish the same content as a premium.

The Lydia Litvyak stuff worked when logging in with an existing account, but the other items are for new accounts.

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Thanks for the heads up!