Lydia Litvyak giveaway

Profile pic of Lydia Litvyak, two Yak camoes and a decal for re-registering on the Russian side. Works for all players:

Just enter your account’s email address in the registration window and it’ll recognize you as a returning player.

About: Lydia Litvyak - Wikipedia



I wish there was a WT website where I could register and get a profile pic of a German tank ace, or maybe I am dreaming and they never existed.

Otto Carius or Michael Wittmann ?

Many choices that never seem to be offered. But we invariably get a plethora of absolutely ancillary Allied characters instead, yippie.

My Lydia Litvyak profile pic just better 😎

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if only you also have the decoration and blue skins to users that already play the game