Lvrbv 701

How can the Lvrbv be 9.7?

It’s completely dogshit compared to others at the same BR (and lower)

Yes, the range is longer than that of the Ozelot and Strela, but unless people are asleep or drunk, everyone and their mother can dodge the misiles as the missiles runs on melasse when its beyond 3 km and the aiming system will loose tracking even if it’s only the pilot throwing a smoke out the window.

The Strelas missiles can turn on a dime, which means its very hard to miss when you first got a lock and the Ozelot got a radar.

If there is a secret trick to this AA, please enlighten me.

The Lvrbv literally just went down from 10.3 (or 10.0 idrk) for the aforementioned reason of being poo poo.
As for how to play it, try to be a rat, it works real well on maps where the closest helispawn is visible for ez camping.
For planes tho, well ur SoL there unless ur a demigod or something

ive hit some things with it, but only if people flying are flying in a straight line.

But a bit manoeuvring and it’s pointless.

this thing is still poo at the new BR.

Meanwhile others have to suffer with the horrendous IR SAMs that take 4 seconds just to lock onto a target (and of course can’t even lock a helicopter that just hovers above the helipad), get fully countered by flares and might just miss a plane flying straight. 701 simply belongs to 10.3+

no it dosen’t.

180 degree turret rotation and it takes half a day.

6 missiles everyone and their mother can dodge if they aren’t in a coma.

No radar and no thermic vision.

the missile is all over the place if you get past 4-5 km.

I would ANY day of the week take an Ozelot or a Strela in my lineup compared to shit shitbucket.

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You can also play it as tank destroyer, as the second missle have 200mm penetration.


never tried that, i allways look for planes when im in an AA.

yeah, i know im boring haha

but maybe ill give it a go if i get bored

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oh yeah, and the elevation is dogshit aswell, so you aiming window is rather small.

So PLEASE enlighten me why it’s so powerful it should be just 0.3 below a bloody Tunguska.