Lower the Respawn Points needed for Aircraft with Only Air-to-Air Capability

As the topic implies, I think it’s time to lower the respawn points for aircraft with only air-to-air ability, such as with only low-pen guns, AAM. At the same time, increase respawn points needed for guided ammo.
Currently, air dominance is more severe than ever, especially in top and sub-top battles. The SPAAs in BR above 9.3 are simply overwhelmed by Helis and Supersonic Strikers. A game can be considered lost when you saw multiple aircraft hovering above your head and SPAAs on your side can’t do anything. Meanwhile, the killing efficiency is way higher when the helis and aircraft are using guided ammo. If no one can spawn a fighter, the team could evaporate extremely fast. And by lowering the spawn points for pure fighters, the situation could be alleviated, more people could spawn a fighter instead of spawning a SPAA and being killed by guided ammo firing from somewhere outside their range.
What do you think? I would love to see your insights about current respawn points for aircraft.

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Fighter planes have always been disadvantaged, partially because of Gaijin’s refusal to balance planes for GRB and maintains the ARB economy despite being entirely different modes with different requirements, which led to fighter planes being overtiered and excesissively expensive whilst ground strikers and CAS have a really low BR paired with low repairs.

Having to spawn a fighter planes with a 15k SL repaircost to counter a P-47 that has like a 2k repaircost, with the P-47 still being very capable of putting up a fight due to ARB balancing, no one is going to do it.

This is before coming to the issue that there is nothing to do for these fighters most of the time, if there are no enemy planes up and no open top vehicles or whatever, you’re just wasting time without an easy way to bail out, having often found myself being forced to crash my plane into the ground so I could get back into the fight.

Having a feature where you could leave the battlefield with a plane by reaching a checkpoint or something could be an interesting feature, avoiding repair costs and avoiding players wasting time flying around hoping to find a target and leaving teams with too flew players on the ground.
But something that needs some limitations like no enemy planes in the vicinity etc.

Additionally planes still should not spawn in mid-air, full speed and sometimes mere seconds away from the battlefield, this is facilitates revenge killing and cap and bail strategies.

Airfields could be closer to the battlefield with planes spawning on the airfield, giving an advantage to fighter planes being able to take off faster, with an alternative spawn further back that’s optional or required for planes that cannot use the airfield .