Lower the BR to 7.0 of the AB-205 A1. Non-ATGM helicopters should not be at the same BR as the radar-SPAA

As it says in the title Non ATGM helicopters should not be at the same BR as the radar-SPAA

AB-205 A1 gets a total of 7 rocket launches (14 rockets in total) that are incredibly difficult to aim, with two measly machine guns that have no upgrade. It is a child’s toy, thrown helplessly into the game.

We all know that the AB-205 A1 is the weakest helicopter in the game, and it simply doesn’t deserve to be at BR 7.7 there is no excuse for keeping this helicopter this BR just makes it useless and unplayable, it needs to be lowered to BR 7.0.

This is the simple truth shared by many players about this helicopter, and I already know that most of the most fanatical tank players will not accept it, because what they care about is playing tanks and they hate helicopters with the intensity of a million suns… to these people I can only say to stop being so piangnucolosi now in this game have already been implemented several helicopters and it makes no sense to keep the BR so high for AB-205 A1 making it completely useless in combat

And I can tell you right now that even at 7.0, this machine would probably still be a bit underpowered, but at least it might have a small chance of engaging in battle.