Lower T25's br or bring STAB back

Long time ago T25 was on 5.7, but one day gaijin gave it stabilizer and so it was raised in BR to 6.3, later stabilizer was removed, but BR wasn’t lowered. Because current 6.0 is old 5.7, T25 should be lowered to 6.0 or become stabilized again.



Add the stabilizer raise it to 6.3

Although the only reason it had a stabilizer is because Gaijin modeled it wrong, only the original prototype fielded a stabilizer, the production run never did.


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Gaijin modeled wrong vehicle. it has parts from both variants, prototype 1 with stab and prototype 2 without.

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There was no production run for the T25.

There were 2 prototypes of the T25 (called pilot number 1 and 2), and pilot number 1 was fitted with a stabilizer for testing of the gyrostabilizer in that gun mount.

The in-game T25 uses visual components from both pilots, turret from number 2 and tracks from number 1, so a bug report was made that the tank visually is more similar to number 2 (additionally the weight of 38.2 tons comes from number 2, although that is just a coded value that can be changed very easily so it matters little), hence the stabilizer was removed.


just saw off the basket and no one would notice anything

Number 2 also has the pistol port on the turret, which number 1 lacks.

Additionally the same thing could be said about the tracks. Just switch them to what number 2 had and people would be even less likely to notice.

I want a stab. Or 4 different T25 on different BR.

Personally I’d rather Gaijin just replace the T25 with the T25E1.

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Because it will immediately fix all transmission issues?

Lighter and no more transmission issues so it would actually have decent mobility, yes.

Sure, the reverse speed would be lower, but I’d honestly rather have actual forwards mobility.

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Honestly pershing have enough reverse speed.

Yeah, specially since my bug report has gone through and the reverse speed is even getting increased to 15.6 km/h when the update drops.

T25E1 uses the same transmission as the M26 but with 56 km/h top speed instead of 48 km/h. Reverse speed gets similarly increased to roughly 18 km/h.

Did they gave T26E1-1 and T26E5 same speed?

Not the same, but it has been increased as well, to 13 km/h from 11.8 km/h.

As stated, increased from 11.8 km/h to 13.0 km/h (the datamine is wrong there, it’s not 11.9 km/h)

As hunnicutt wrote standard M26 and T26E4 have same gear ratios. T26E5 have lowered final drive ratio so it’s slower.

I’ve seen that but Hunnicutt also states that the standard T26E4 (without the additional armor) and M26E1 had a top speed of 40 km/h.

Gaijin has modeled the Super Pershing with increased gear ratios giving it a lower top speed. Honestly the Super Pershing would need it since it is even heavier than the T26E5.

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