Lower Penetrating APFSDS Rounds Being Stock For 11.0 - 11.3 Tanks

So I don’t understand how they expect you to do anything to MBTs in 11.0 with heat rounds (not to mention fighting the Leopard 2A7s with heat), its better to throw rocks at a tank then using heat rounds.
If tanks were to get a APFSDS round getting 250mm - 300mm of pen stock it would make it so its possible to even pen MBTs from the side.

What do you all think of this issue?


APFSDS? Is that what you mean?

If so, most 11.0+ tanks now have APFSDS stock anyways. And if you mean something else, then. No. Keep it how it is.

Only 11.7 MBTs get APFSDS rounds stock. I’m talking about 11.0 - 11.3 cause they are fighting the same tanks but with weaker rounds.


Taking a look, you are right. My apologies. Yeah, 11.0 tanks should get APFSDS tbh, it is a little silly they don’t


Especially when there’s era all over the place, and from 10.0 and up it being a given practically… :(((

While it needs to happen, I can’t see it, to be honest. Pretty much the only advantage half of the current top tier have over their 11.3 or lesser brethern is their near complete immunity to chemical rounds side on. Something like a SEP V2 or a PSO is in every way just a heavier and thus less mobile M1A2 or 2A5, were it not for the chance to be nearly invulnerable to stock tanks of a lower tier.

So, giving those ~11.0 tanks the stock APFSDS they so desperately need would render the current top tier even more obsolete, making them less enticing to grind, which I doubt Gaijin would ever do.

Well with the addition to spall liners, APFSDS rounds are way less effective then they used to be, and would still be really hard to kill them. The issue with heat is almost no matter the angle you have you just cant even pen those tanks, even from the back, which makes it almost impossible to grind out the vehicle you just got. You can be the way more skilled player in the battle but it wouldn’t matter cause most of the tanks you can’t pen.

Take the Maus, Is-7 or M-103. You can’t pen them from the front with a stock tank whatsoever but what you can do is play smarter and get behind them to the places you can pen. With top tier you can’t even play the same because it won’t matter cause you can’t pen them.

İ was losing my mind when i was researching JM33 on Type-90 because of that.

Stock HEATFS was pure cancer against any tank that has ERA and Top tiers, Thankfully once i got the JM33 everything changed.