Lower Italian navy BR to a proper level

Leone and Tigre aren’t tough 4.3. They have a fragile hull, being a 20s design, bad AA, very small crew and only 4 torpedoes. Their mobility isn’t that great either. They could be 4.3 if the crew count was at least 250 and the AA was much better.
I meant Corazziere, and the Italian Geniere. The American Geniere is fine.

I agree with you about it BUT the comment and point that i mentioned IS kinda part of why Gaijin keep it at its BR…

Here’s why, other than mentioned part, they have 4 twin 120mm gun mount which 2 of it can aimed at 30degree and all 4 on 45-50degree angle + its gun have APHE with 1.16kg TNT unlike Britain’s SAP that yields 900gm TNT…

I guess that to them, as long as the ship’s main guns firepower and capability took precedent overall… 1.16kg TNT APHE to me AT least is basically almost as good as 2.4kg TNT SAP shell in term of penetration or related part

Sadly they don’t take in consideration the fire-rate of the guns. That’s why also Bartolomeo Colleoni is at 5.0 instead of 4.7.

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I am 100% agree with you on this part…

FYI in my opinion, only Attilio, Trento, Eugenio, Duca Degli & Zara (Including Pola) cruisers suits its current BR while other need 0.3 drop at very least in term of overall capability

TO add, RN Etna should be 4.3 due to not having torpedo and only inferior 20mm Breda AA gun and its secondary gun only useful on big, slow plane that flies under 1km & ships that literally have NO armor at all… Just so you guys think

I think Montecuccoli also suits its br. It’s almost the same as Eugenio, but it has 4 km/h more of top speed at the expense of 10-20 mm of armor and slighty smaller crew.

In my opinion, having minor less armor and crew at 5.3 for Italian is quite fatal even for decently experienced naval captains unless on highly skilled player who managed to soak full 12" APHE salvo shell hit and not sank in 1st 5 minute battle…

In short, IT IS DECENT 5.3 to fight 5.0 & lower BR but that ship is at the lowest level for average 5.3-6.0 battle which basically capable to sink this kind of ship with 3-5 salvo at most…
(((At least based on my experience so far))) ((((NO OFFENSE OK))))

Even i can barely managed to outlive such hit about 3 salvo at best, not to mention most of them that almost sank in minutes, just to know…

TO add 1 more thing on my part, I can only comment on Cruiser part as I don’t even have 1 Dreadnought aside from Graf Spee SO i can’t even comment on Italian Dreadnought part for quite a long time…

IF anyone know better and don’t mind sharing some with simplified explanation, then feel free to do so…

FYI… it would be good to see Italian 10" gun dreadnought San Georgio in both design and Pisa got added as Ikoma version for Italian navy someday

I think the armour is enough. It’s better than german, british and most japanese light cruisers when it comes to armour.

IMHO the Rank IV CL RN Raimondo Montecuccoli and RN Eugenio di Savoia should be in RB a BR of 5.3. They are 5.3 in AB, so should also be in RB.

It was an extreme grind to spade those, and was often 1 shot.

Interestingly the RN Trento is a Rank IV CA is BR 5.0 and 5.3 and is balanced.

Zara class is good, but other CA’s are over BR in RB

I used them mostly in AB, and I can say that they’re some of my favourite 5.3 vessels. Very good armour, decent guns and excellent mobility. In my experience, I didn’t get 1 shot often.

The others are all CLs aren´t they? The only other CA Trento is placed apropriate on br 5.3

Probably what he meant tbh. Though italy has some cruisers they could add like bolzano and san giorgio zara and trento are the only ca in game.

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Yes, they are CL’s with the BR higher (5.7) than the CA (Trento 5.3)

IF Gaijin adds Trento’s initial armament that have poor AA firepower but more anti-ship firepower by having 2 more twin 100mm gun then it can sit at 5.3 with current game mechanics

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yeahhhh I remember being shushed when I complained they added the better aa version.

I am Regia Marina main and i have to say… I have no problem with italian cruisers. Eugenio, Montecuccolli, Trento and now Abruzzi are very good ships on their BRs. Pola and Zara… I dont know, compare to other cruisers, i feel weak but still… good ships.

But i have big problem with italians DDs. They are very bad… And every game, i feel useless… Why? because i am almost every game as low tier and … what can you do against USS, SSSR or GB destroyers? They are strong but italians? Meh…

On the other side… Italians DDs from WW2 era were weak. That is right… :(


Welcome! The Ialian dd struggle due to doctrine and lack of funds for dual purpose guns. The doctrine was we can’t fight the French and (not expected but) the English with destroyer packs. The med is too small and they can sortie cruisers to attack. They gave torpedo boats to do convoy escort and ended up using the old dd and cruisers for the purpose. Against the French this would have worked probably. The new destroyers like Soldati were mainly a scouting and screening force. They were later forced into the convoy escort roll where they did poorly. The Capitani Romani class were really the answer to the same role the other big nations used their dds for. They were considered cruisers in the same way the p40 was a “heavy” tank. They were swiftly reclassed once the esploratori (light vessels which operate alone or in packs in open oceans cough like fletcher class cough) classes were proven an outdated concept. In game Gaijin does what Gaijin wants the reload rates on kerch are an example of that. Anyone who wants some good reading check out “the Italian navy in ww2” by Sadkovich. The italian engineers like Bergamini (helped design the rangefinders and battery computers) and Minisini (who made the 100mm dual mounts) were awesome as well. (the allies kidnapped Minisini with the author of james bond to fix the faulty us torpedo pistol and brought him to newport news.)


Thank you for all these informations. :) I will try find that book (PDF) on internet. Could be good book for me!