Low-tier pack suggestions for a new player

My son’s friends have started to play Warthunder and I want to set up his own account. I was going to buy a couple of the low-tier starter packs during the sale but wasn’t sure which one to focus on. He doesn’t really have a preference as far as what country to use (he’s test driven what little I have unlocked) but I don’t want him to waste time on a tree that won’t be fun. He is aware of the grind. What suggestions does the horde have?

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The campaign packs are ones that i would always recommend, especially the japanese one, the premium plane you get is one of the best premiums in the game as it is rank4, and the japanese air tree on the whole is stellar. you get some GE and premium time with it. The american campaign pack is also good although the YP-38 is only Rank 2. If he is new to the game i would recommend starting with either America, Germany or China, and as such their respective starter packs. The american and chinese starter packs include similar vehicles, the M3 stuarts are some of the best tanks at their BR, the gun has good penetration and quick reload, and the planes are both quite good, although the Chinese H81-A2 is better for close air support. the German starter pack includes a Stuka, which is good for close air support although is not good when used as a fighter, and the Sd.Kfz. 140/1, which used to be a low teir monster as the 20mm cannon it gets had a high penning HVAP belt, and it was lower br than it is now. It has since had its br increased and the round nerfed, though it certainly can still be very powerful in a downteir, or when you flank with it, though it is not as reliable as it was. Overall, depending on how much you want to spend, i would recommend the Japanese pacific campaign pack, and maybe 2 of the starter packs i have talked about, this game is best played when you play multiple nations and build lineups with multiple vehicles. Just breifly, of the other starter packs, the french one is incredibly strong, the british one has a great plane and a decent tank, the japanese and italian ones have good planes, but the tanks are fairly middling, and im not super familiar with the swedish vehicles but from playing the tech tree versions of the vehicles, they arent bad but not particularly new player freindly. Hope this helps, the starter packs and campaign packs are some of the best value packs on the store, and the campaign ones are being removed after this sale.

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Generaly an important thing is that he looks at the trees before hand and sees what might might be his dream vehicle, if someone is aiming for special vehicles it keeps them more motivated same result is that if he loves the M1A1 Abrams as example then it might not be that great to get a german starter pack since it will never get a Abrams normaly. Once he decided which nation he might want to play , the choice starter packs gets easier as well

I completely disagree, if you set your goal as one vehicle, then when you start to see you progress towards that vehicle slow down, it demoarlises you and you burnout, its one of the main reasons people stop playing the game. It is best to not focus on the grind, and the vehicles ahead of you, and just play and have fun with the vehicles you have. If you play many nations you get a more balanced look at the vehicles and you will see what vehicles are and arent very good, instead of maining one nation and complaining about vehicles of all the other nations that kill you all the time.