Low Tier Carrier Shokaku too strong/ impossible to destroy, Carrier destruction unrewarding

It really is weird how they removed the Forrestal‘s AAA (of course you could approach from the front ) but 4 some reason just after a few weeks they made the Forrestal only appear on “modern” BR‘s which I don’t really mind.
The thing that eats me all the time is the fact that the lower Br‘s carriers (HMS Illustrious 4 allies and IJN Shokaku 4 Axis) have incredibly accurate fast firing densely packed cannons (You can still do the same tactic as with the Forrestal for the HMS Illustrious because the AAA is bugged I suppose and it just shoots in the air when approaching frontally at low altitudes, but it could also be because of a lack of depression but I highly doubt that.
Meanwhile the Shokaku has a 360 degree field of death even destroying you when approaching frontally.
The only way to destroy it would be probably climbing to 8k alt and dropping fritz X bombs, but the germans have the Shokaku on their side so you can’t really destroy it effectively.
And to make things worse, destroying an aircraft carrier is just giving you the same amount of mission points as you would gain from destroying a base.

This is the part that really annoys me. AA, yeah, its wierd, buggy and overtuned, but thats true for all AI controlled AA at the moment. But destroying a carrier is extremely unrewarding (both economically and in a gameplay manner)

It at minimum needs to reward bomb tonnage like a base or AF does. Because currently I dont think you actually get any activity time for damaging it, only sinking it and when you do sink it, like you said, its barely much more than destroying a base. It should be 3 or 4 times the amount at least. Especially when you consider the difficulty of a functioning carrier.

When combined with the fact that landing on a carrier is extremely hard thing to do because of how buggy they I think high-time they completely overhaul carriers. Was hoping it would come with the addition of the F-14, but never did.

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So… High tier carriers been fixed. back to being OP to attack

the old carriers are very outdated if I recall, only reason the modern carriers work well is cause they are only 4-5 years old, and do not appear outside air sim sadly

When I played props the carrier was almost imposible to sink, you got hit from so far away.

When I arrived to jets I was surprised how easy it was to attack the carrier, and now it seems it’s even easier, they don’t even shoot.

They do again now. Thats been fixed. I was very surprised when I got shot down by one on a lazy attack run a few days ago.