Low rank battles

Hello. For the most of the time i played Tier 5 with my friend and we were kinda miserable out there. We decided to go back and try Tier 2 and damn, its like playing completely different game where everything seems to be working, its mind blowing … I havent played low tiers in a long time. I started to question myself was it even worth it to grind higher tiers ? Ive spend so much time and some money to grind only to find out that the best game experience may be in lower tiers?? I love the modern stuff, but damn the gameplay differences are massive …

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At that low rank all tanks are the same, fast with little to no armour


Golden rule: low tier = fun tier


Sell your soul to the snail and then things will be fun 😁😁😁.

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6.7 is the highest I go. I actually only play light tank stuff, because everyone can pen your armor anyway. But the golden BR for me is around 5.0 for most nations.

Tier III and up is where you have all the “pros” and tryhards grinding out events and goals. So its merciless and cutthroat.
Tier II and esp. Tier 1 is there are just newbs and ppl goofing off, where you see see relatively fewer sealclubbing losers.

5.3-5.7 USA is great, jumbo 75 and m18. 6.3 was nice until the moved the Pershing up for no reason, jumbo 76 m41 and the CAS gets really good with p51, f8f-1b, and ad4. 6.7 gives you a very strong lineup although only light vehicle is m56 and m41. The US is ok 5.0 and under but not great