Low PT-76-57 BR from 8.0 to 7.0

It is nonsense to put the PT-76-57 at 8.0 when at 7.0 (in RB parameters) we have the ZSU-57-2 with double gun, identical armor penetration and speed, fix it as soon as possible.
In a frontal combat with any BR 8.0 counterpart it is almost impossible to damage the enemy when our chassis and turret can be easily penetrated by light machine guns.
Its not fair


Well well well … The Pt-76-57 have NVD, laser rangefinder, autoloader with 20 ready rounds (and fast reloading autoloader), 2 axis stabilisator, better speed …

And … You have a light tank … dont go on frontal combat …




yes, it’s nonsense at 8.0, put it to 8.3.


I’m hoping this is a troll post.


-zsu 52 2 is literally the pt7657 with bouble cannon and have much more bullets, its 7.0. Nobody uses NVD, laser rangefinder is a small advantage but not enough having a fast reloading gun

-Well, most of lighttanks can go on frontal combad due to better rounds, pt7657 only have 157 mm of penetration



You don’t have to be very intelligent to realize that the zsu 52 2 is comparable to the pt7657 in terms of weapons, ammunition, speed…

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Well, i dont want lose my mental health, i take that for a troll.


This has “pls move Maus to 6.3” energy. Lmao


why everyone is afraid of a thing that could be destroyed frontally with the secondary gun and who have the same gun of the zsu 52 2?

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Yeah just like the Maus is REALLY slow and has a similar gun to the Sturer Emil at 4.3. That makes them perfectly comparable /s


no one is giving counter arguments, just tears :(

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no point in counter arguments when your request is so… well… dumb.

sorry for being brutal honest, but it’s the truth.


huh, i just compared the 76 57 with the 52 2, which have the same penetration, armour, velocity… (idc about NVD) 7.3 could be reasonable

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because it’s OP as hell already at 8.0 and you don’t seem to know how to use it


tell me how to use it then, cuz watching a bunch of compilation of kills with the 7657 on youtube does not make it op, i rarely have been killed with that thing

The stabilizer and Laser Rangefinder alone, make it an 8.0 vehicle. Combine that with the fast firing cannon, with good pen and post pen, for what’s essentially a slow firing autocannon, you get a BR of 8.0.

The reason the Zsu-57-2 is 7.0, because it is more easily killed, and it doesn’t have a stabilizer. Its also a dedicated AA vehicle, while the Pt-76-57 is a light tank.

76 57 could be killed easier than the szu due to the t-50 chasis, the role of the vehicle is not a determining factor to the asignation of a battle ratting, 7657 can barely snipe, making rangefinder usless against MBT’s with arrow ammo

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i did 5 matches with the 76 57, i can not face thermals and pen the armour of MBT’s