Low Level restricted to toptier premium/squadron vehicle

I want gaijin to improve level system by do some restriction for low level player (a.k.a newbies and Wallet warrior who dunno how to play their vehicle) but you still can reseach it by squadron RP!
For example the firebrand UK low tier squadron aircraft you can gain access when you level 30( 20-25 or your opinion )
And the M1A1 AIM ,Leopard 2PL and T-80UK both are Rank 7 squadron MBT you can gain access to when you level 70 (by that lvl you will have 2-3 tank in the lineup if you grind enough)
Or you need to unlock 2 more tank in Rank 6-7(ypur opinion) to access to toptier squadron ground vehicles


And now newbie and wallet warrior will grind and gain experience from the beginning learn some mechanic first and they will ready

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There definitely needs to be something done about it.Reserve has more 100 lvls than top tier. Top tier and close to it is a new Reserve now.

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Wouldn’t solve anything, since you can grind out your profile level in, for example, ARB, while having 0 experience in GRB.

This is much better.

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why not add both of them

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I didn’t farmed event for nothing. I will buy my XM-1!

While I understand your sentiment and I do empathize, most of this sounds like trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube . … if ya know what I mean. While they could have done things a bit differently, what’s done is done. And most of these suggestions are trying to “limit” player’s ability to get and use higher tiered vehicles. Thing is, players have not in the past, do not now & most likely will not in the future use vehicles “as intended” in many instances. “God Mode” is an outdated, leftover Reward from the old 20 tier system that prolly should have never made it to the then new 5 tier thing which we have evolved from . . . but it is what it is. In this time of trying to make SL earnings better, to appease a large portion of the player base, removing that might help with your “cause”, but the back lash would be awful. There is a “mindset” in the game that this is a “good” way to earn SL’s . . . I am not of that school of thought and would not mind seeing it go bye bye. But the simple fact that Gaijin made higher tier’d premiums available a good while back makes all of this kinda . . moot anyway. Then add in the ability for newer players to also access high tier via Squadron vehicles . . . well, what you seem to be wanting is a steep uphill battle. I just don’t see it happening. Perhaps some subtle changes to how low tier vehicles work in higher tier matches would be easier, to discourage that type of game play.
Example: Yesterday I am flying 4.3 BR fighters, using Russia and flying in my ITP, top speed 439 mph, I get this little P-26, top speed 239 mph on my 6 . . . I should have been able to easily out distance it, but no . . . . it keeps up just fine. There is a general speed “disparity” in Air combat and even more so in AB, which is what I play. Things like that and M-22’s in tanks & so on(David & Goliath stuff) just encourage the use of low tier vehicles into matches they should not even be in, and until some of those issues are dealt with, we are gonna see lower tiers playing in higher tier matches . . . . like I said . . . it’s like trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube . . . it can be done I suppose, but what a hassle . . . And players that own a vehicle will want to use it, whether they know what they are doing or not . . . experience is still the best teacher. All we can hope for is the newer players creeping into high tier do not get discouraged and quit, and go back, play, learn and get better before going to high tier again. I saw a post in here recently, guy playing tier VI or VII, 8 - 9 slots filled with tanks and 1 plane, not a single slot was set to Expert crew, the plane was at 75 pts, max for planes, but the highest tank crew skill was like 34 . . his question was, “why am I doing so poorly?” . . . rushing to top tier is simply not the way, goes totally against the game design and has 0 benefits, except getting to play with newer, more modern stuff that goes faster . . . faster is not better, it’s just faster is all . . . but not everyone will understand or appreciate that. C’est la Vie

I didn’t want to see newbie A10 and F-5C that dunno how to flare in 11.0-10.0 battle i know that if you want to grind you just buy it but i want all the newbie to grind and learn some mechanic first gain some lvl enough to gain access to it

It would be cool to have some lower level stuff. They don’t need to gatekeep them, but it’d bring them into a better lower BR experience that they can squad with a squadronmate or 3 and all run the same.

Gaijin is not going to restrict access to premium vehicles.

Gaijin should just give out free back ups for having premium so people will take their vehicle multiple times.

This is not so hard to farm a lot of backups on battle pass, also premium vehicles has several backups in pack.

lol why who cares who plays… Let 9 yr olds buy rank 7 premiums this a f2p game if you want to be tryhard and win in a game with random people you must sqaud

this could also improve sales if imlemented propperly

I would tho rather make Premiums and Squadron vehicles only avalible at a maximum of 1 Rank above your Highest Rank in the Topic instead of fixing it to player level

for example a player who never played Air should have Access to Rank 1 and Rank 2 Premiums in all Nation’s Air trees and once a higher rank has been reached on any Air tree the Next rank of Premiums becomes available

However I would still Exclude Event Vehicles from this because the grind for Event vehicles is so hard that you’ll be experienced enough to play the thing by the end

That’s not necessarily the sign of a newbie: I’ve seen things in sim, by players with tech tree vehicles (so I assume the grinded up to high tier regularly) that makes me doubt they have any understanding of the game mechanics or military aviation. If you play top tier and don’t know about radar modes, sight modes, CCIP/CCRP, weapons selection or - in my observation about 90% of all sim players - how to even land an aircraft, well…

If it’s irrelevant to obtain them then just give them out for free for owning premium

you don’t need to be able to land if you’ve never expected to survive :}

but seriously Landing in sim is Easy if youre using a stick

I don’t want to see lvl.5 turn into wallet warrior man i just want to make them learn the machanic of the game from the beginning

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So you want 90% of your teammates are wallet warrior who doesn’t know toptier jet machanic at all(even didn’t know how to use countermeasure) vs Veteran team?

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Gaijin isn’t going to restrict access to premium vehicles.