Low caliber IR SAM with direct hit fuse or same caliber IR SAM but with trigger radius

hi,i got a question about the type of SAM to use
take stinger for example,FIM-92E need direct hit on target to trigger the fuse,but FIM-92K dosent.
obviously,FIM-92K can increase the chance on hit the target,but it will detonate itself around the target, sometimes this will become a problem
i mean…while i play,i was attacking a SU-25 that just finished his first strike and pull up to start another one,i fired one FIM-92K and it made a critical on SU-25,but it dont care and keep turning,so i fired another FIM-92K on it
and yes it detonate around SU-25 and made another critical on it,and SU-25 can still finish its turn and fire all his S-250 on me and crash…
yea, probably just my skill issue,but FIM-92E doesnt have this problem or at least not that obvious like FIM-92K cos it only detonate when it touched the target but FIM-92E also got its own problem like it will just flyaway randomly if you launch it to a target which is in close range or head on with you
so,i want to know which type of IR SAM should i use for my preferred?direct hit fuse or trigger radius fuse(idk what this type of fuse call tbh)

You want the proxy fuse. The massive increase of hit chance for the FIM-92K greatly overshadows any benefit from the explosion being a little bit closer.

The FIM-92K will still try to get a direct hit, the proxy fuse just allows for it to still damage the heli/plane if it misses by a few meters.


Always go for proxy fused missiles; they will try a direct hit but if they overshoot or the target maneuvers wildly, they can still cause damage by blowing up near it. Su25 is also a tough cookie to crack because of … reasons. It’s the one plane I’ve had to shoot more than one missile at (or a prolonged burst of gun fire) to take down.

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ok, thanks