Lotery ice cream/spoon

What do you think of this lottery ?

Considering that this is the first time I’ve gotten a vehicle out of one of these lotteries, I got the Italian RN Aviere, I’m quite happy with the ice cream boxes. Overall, though, I do wish that there was a bit higher chance of getting something out the boxes. Not too much just a bit. Just enough so that you don’t end up with a ton of orders or wagers that will never get used. Of course, who doesn’t want a higher chance at a vehicle right? But I just mean increase the chance of the silly stuff over the near pointless. So, like more of a chance to get a decal or decoration and lower the number of orders you get. Also, I’d like to see the boosters not have a 2 day to use limit. I bought 10 ice creams and got the vehicle. So I (and I know it was foolish since I’d used up my luck) bought 30 more. I ended up with a ton of boosters and orders. The boosters will disappear before I can use them all. That’s a bit annoying and stopped me from buying anymore.

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If there was a way to exchange the orders and some wagers for something more useful, I’d look more positively about it.


You are really lucky !! 100 boxes, all i get is 10k to 25k lions, a few backup, a few booster and usless orders.
@Blogaugis An idea to submit, that could be a nice improvement.

The fact that the boosters are timed is an insult…
you are expected to open 100 to 1000 boxes but all boosters only last 2 days making them beyond worthless. It is insulting


It seems I have no fortune in lotteries

It wasn’t so back in the day. I still have some untimed boosters in my inventory.

The values used to be nuts too, i have a +50% RP for 50 (!) battles or 3 days booster still lying around.

Waste of time and SL even with the new SL gains it’s still not worth it.


I ended up actually getting a vehicle out of it but it is one that i already have. Now it sits in my inventory because i cant use it or sell it.
I do think that they need to post the % chance of recieve items. Not their super vague chances they use now.

I feel like it is like playing a carnival game - This is the first time I haven’t purchased about 50 or 60 boxes - In the entire time that I have played this game I have literally won nothing useful or interesting from any of these boxes. It is in my opinion at utter waste of resources.

You are no “expected” to do anything - it is up to you.

Personally I buy a few, then open enough to get some boosters, and wait until I use those before I open the next bunch…

You CAN get anything at any time.

All I’ve ever got is minor prizes - a couple of decorations and decals - but the backups and RP boosts are useful enough for me to buy several hundred of them since they started doing them a while back.

Yep - but they aren’t doing you any good in your inventory.

And you never got them from this sort of lottery.

When I started it seemed to be a rule that boosters added up to about 300-%-days - eg you’d get a 50% boost for 6 games, or a 100% boost for 3 - this from normal game results. Definitely a step backwards when they stopped that.

great thing for those running bot accounts, sitting on mountain of ill-gotten SL gains. Gambling allows them to burn all those hundreds of millions of SL to get a few tradeable items, sell those on market and then transfer the GJN through the market to main account. You can find tons of those transactions if you sort market by “popular” camouflage purchases.

pointless SL trap for everyone else …

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I dropped just over 50 million SL into it, got a single camouflage


Not that I care, but it’s a ripoff.

It’s the same SL blackhole as it’s been before. Only cashed in the spoons I got for grinding out the event, and from those only got back less SL than it cost to buy the ice creams to go with them, a single universal backup, and a decal I will never use.

All that for something that would have cost 200,000 SL had I bought the spoons to go with the ice cream.

If they’re trying to convince me to cash in my SL bank, I need to feel like I stand a chance of actually getting something I want out of them. And that’s just not happening.

Complete waste of time, way too many things in there that are a complete waste, and way too low of a chance to get anything remotely worthwhile, nevermind a vehicle.

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I think the most amusing part about these (along with the other loot crates) is how Gaijin uses the sides of a SINGLE six sided die to convey probability/rarity…

@Gaijin, please explain how the odds of rolling a 1 are different than a rolling a 6 on any given dice roll?

I had been bankrupted with my SLs because hundreds lottery in the former several events.
So I don’t participate in this time.

Genarally it’s good because it could bring you with many boosters each in SLs and RPs, that’s a good deal because in normal time you should purchase such boosters using GEs