LOSAT missiles affected adversely by ping

So, Ive been using the LOSAT recently because its an extremely unique tank that I love the idea of, and being a lover of ATGM vehicles in general, I was really excited to try it. But what I have noticed is that the missiles seem to be extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY adversely affected by your ping, to the point that they behave as if they’re being affected by a soft-kill APS at all times. I know about the swing from the missile physics change, and thats not what Im talking about. The missiles jitter and fly all around the place like they’re on crack, and its really sad because it makes the tank basically unusable. I really hope this gets fixed.


Yes, the same experience.

If your ping is within 50, the missile’s effect is the best. Otherwise, there will be a situation of flying indiscriminately.

This is my problem with missiles in general. I fly top tier jets all the time and sadly i’m australian so no servers close to us. best I can get is 160 to SA server, 200 to US.

My missiles never fly well unless I am point blank on a guy and at that point just use guns right?
Very frustrating! I watch these youtube guides / videos and I note always the guys got 20-50 ping their missiles are sublime, snap missile locks the works, wish I could do stuff like that ><