Looking for a squadron/mates to play with!

Im looking for a group to play with. Been playing the game on and off for years, highest br is GE nation, at br 7+.
Have tanks in all nations though, and enjoy the various aspects of the different nations. I just as happily play low br as “high” br…just looking for fun and comraderie :)
I am not an ace player, still got much to learn and am especially trying to develop my skills in ground battles!
My ingame name is Cigz, looking forward to hopefully hear from you :)
With kind regards,

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:yes_yes_yes: :good: All are Welcome! ! :blink: :DD

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What do we expect from our members?

This is the Auxiliary Squad of UVG there are no requirements

All members must be respectful to others, no toxic trash

No politics, religion, drama or baggage please ! Just show up and play 8)

There is no “skill” or “rank” etc. requirements in order to join us.

UVG is a group of ethical gamers : No Griefing, Team killing, Hacking or Spawn camping is allowed

What we will offer you?

A relaxing and fun environment to play games in

Active Discord and Live group text

Enlistment is open and all are welcome so come on over and join us to have fun and make friends

Discord : =UVG=

PC players & Console

Need players for Tanks, Planes, Ships & Boats

We have all interests here So Join Today !

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Probably a bit late to the party but here we go anyway:

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