Chill out with the Class Act squadrons (=CLAS=, =CLAS2=, =CLANS=)... over 350 active members in it for fun and relaxation

Hi folks:

CLASS ACT is a full three-squadron community (=CLAS=, =CLAS2= and =CLANS=) that is always looking for regular War Thunder players willing to come out and join our team. We’re committed to fair play, having fun, and getting along with others. We have an active Discord channel, do tournaments, and hold occasional small events, including team ups for World War Mode. We have active members from North and South America, Europe, and Australia, AB and RB, ground, sea and air, new players and veterans, some highly ranked. Our aim is for all our players to collect the maximum squadron vehicle points available for them.

If you’re interested in joining, or checking out our Discord, please DM me for more info. Our Discord: Class Act

Over 350 members can’t be wrong. World War Mode, giveaways, tips and strats on our Discord to help you. Come check us out!


Summer Event is on! If you’re gonna be grinding anyway, grind with a squadron. No fuss, no drama… come find us over at Class Act

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New and returning members, come join us for the Alamein Hallowe’en mini-event, Oct 20-23. Contests, prizes for members and associates who have joined the Discord.

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Thanks to everyone who came out for Alamein Hallowe’en (yes we know it doesn’t rhyme). We gave out $120 USD in prizes this time thanks to The European Canadian’s generous support.

Winning the Hallowe’en decoration screenshot draw this year was @Sahilku010101 with this gem:

Spots for new members still available: anyone interested feel free to come find us on Discord at Class Act (War Thunder). Happy Hallowe’en all.