Longest known Login Streak

What is the longest known login streak?

I personally just hit the 7 year login streak a few weeks ago, so I have over 2500+ consecutive login days.


DANGGGGGGG. IDK the longest, but I could bet it’s probably pretty dang high. I’m personally about to hit 1 year in a few days, which I’m super exited for! :)

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Good grief, congrats!

3317 today :)
and yes, i have a Job, 3 grown up Kids, 2 Cats and a Wife.
ah and only 5 more years til Retirement :)
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Im nearing 2 years, but im curious wether or not missing a couple days completely removes your streak or if it just sets you back a bit

Missing a couple days will remove your streak… I can’t say I’ve ever gone much beyond 45 days or so and I feel like the best login rewards come in the first week so I often take a day off to reset it and try to avoid getting more wagers or backups which I’ll never use (I only play sim).

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Alright, I’m not too concerned what happens to my streak after i get the 2 year decal so i won’t be bummed if i miss a day after

Recently there was someone who boasted that he was 9 years old to log in

I would think the reward for that should be an unlimited supply of body pillows

Dudes logging in until he wins a prem

You can’t be real (just joking).


Great respect to those who have come this far.
By the way, I’m also married. Even longer than I’ve been playing WarThunder ^^


i am married now for 40 years :)
But i think i managed to absorbe all the Poison my wife gave me through the years of playing.
So maybe i ll have a few years more to play, hehehe


I got over 3100 days myself, and have always wondered how many are above me lol.

Ofc he is real, he listed his family members in order of increasing handling challenges. A clear sign of being a “veteran” husband - i use the same order :-)

Not bad man - mission accomplished, and a very nice argument towards the guys complaining about slow progression in wt.


I am 69 and have a streak of 1300 consequtive and see what it brings me

The 10% xp for team is not even in the content list

You are only at 1296 days, not 1300. The UI is a bit confusing.

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That’s still a heck of a long time

Lets just say i’m in my 50’s and have been married for a few decades…

But when I got into gaming years ago when I was playing a lot of the original COD4 on-line and heavily got in to Battlefield 3 & 4 when the games came out, I found a solution.

My Mrs had other friends that said that they were “PC Widows”, and my Mrs at the time was heavily into her Facebook postings with friends and playing the silly Facebook games when I was at work. The embarassing thing is she used my account to play the games to send herself stuff “from a friend”, so some of my mates thought I played the games… :)

So what I did was I built the Mrs a low end gaming PC (I always build my own), that ran Facebook games at at least 150-200fps, bought a double PC desk and put the PC’s next to each other. That way we could still sit next to each other and still talk and interact. We have both had gaming PC’s (component updates, still use the old original PSU’s and gaming cases I bought) for years… and the wife’s still happy. Sorted.

PC’s are not cheap, but it’s still well worth the money for a happy marriage. :)

As Sam’s Dad put it in the first Transformers film “Happy wife, happy life… Unhappy wife, stone cold misery for the rest of your life”.

I’m about 2 months away from my 1 year veteran logo. Does anyone know how I can get to see how many days I have logged in, in a row. I’ve looked but I can’t find anything. I only find out when I log in. Am I being blind???


Logging in continuously for 100 years was already a chore, IDK how you all were able to do this for this long.

o7 respect, and maybe consider professional help :p /s