Lockheed YF-12A Blackbird - Worlds fastest interceptor.

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Hi guys. :)

Today i want to suggest a very special Plane that i would love to see in War Thunder in some form. The Lockheed YF-12A.


The YF-12 Project began when the CIA, Kelly Johnson discussed an Interceptor variant of the A-12 Spy Plane intended for the US Air Force. First called the AF-12. The aircraft was intended to engage high speed Soviet bombers from long range. And to be able to fire GAR-9 Long Range Air to Air missiles later renamed Aim-47 Falcon.
One of the interesting things about the production of the YF-12 and the other Black Bird aircrafts was that the US had difficulties getting acces to Titanium in the late 1950,s. So one of the ironic ways the US wanted to get this type of rare raw material for these Aircraft. Was by buying the Titanium directly from it’s main geopolitical rival the USSR. Which was the same country the US intended to use the Aircraft against.

The YF-12 later renamed YF-12A was first test flown on August 7th 1963 by Jim Eastham. And during one of many test flights. The YF-12A reached the record speed of 3,331.505 km/h. The highest of any Aircraft capable of Intercepting and shooting down other aircrafts.
On the 14th of May 1965. The US Air Force Placed an Order of 93 F-12B variants of the YF-12/F12 Aircraft. However due to the lack of funds due to the increasing tensions of the Vietnam War. And with the USSR fielding more nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missiles. Like the R-7 Semyorka - Nato reporting name SS-6 Sapwood. And the R-16 - Nato reporting name SS-7 Saddler. The YF-12/F-12 was considered obsolete.
But the YF-12A would end up being tested by NASA in the later years to come. All the way up to June 24th 1971. Today only 1 YF-12A survives at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.


  • Construction: Titanium (Beta-120/Ti-13V-11Cr-3A1) monococque w/some super-high- temperature plastics.
  • Length: 101 feet, 8 inches
  • Wingspan: 55 feet, 7 inches
  • Wing Area: 1,795 square feet
  • Height: 18 feet, 6 inches
  • Landing Weight: 68,000 pounds
  • Maximum Gross Take-off Weight: 124,000 pounds
  • Maximum Speed: 3.2 Mach above 75,000 feet
  • Operational Ceiling: Classified, but probably over 80,000 feet
  • Maximum Unrefueled Range: Classified
  • Armament: 3 Hughes GAR-9/ AIM-47A air to air radar guided missiles (maximum speed 4 Mach)
  • Powerplant Data: 2 Pratt & Whitney J58 (JT11D-20A) High-bypass-ratio turbojets

YF-12A Missile Firing Tests.

Mar 1965 65,000ft 2.19 40,000ft Target destroyed
May 1965 64,800ft 2.18 20,000ft Missile Gyro failure
Sep 1965 75,200ft 3.22 20,000ft. Target destroyed
Mar 1966 74,000ft 3.16 1,700ft Target destroyed
Apr 1966 75,200ft 3.20 1,100ft Target destroyed
May 1966 76,000ft 3.20 20,000ft Target destroyed
Sep 1966 74,400ft 3.20 500ft Target destroyed

Datasheet main source. A-12, YF-12A, & SR-71 Specifications


In War Thunder.

In War Thunder The YF-12A would be one of the most hard Aircraft to balance in a standard matchmaker. So i suggest that this aircraft would become the first Single Player / Custom Battle only vehicle to be implemented into the game. The player would find the plane in the US Premium Air Tree market in a Yellow Box. Where it can be gained Trough purchase of a Special Pack.

I hope you like this suggestion. And i also hope we one day are going to see the SR-71 Black Bird or The U2 Spy Plane. Though these aircraft would most probably not going to be seen in any regular airbattle ingame.

Anyways see you in the Battlefields of War Thunder. :)








“Old Suggestion”
Lockheed YF-12A Blackbird - Worlds fastest interceptor. - USA - War Thunder - Official Forum


Seems to be the apex interceptor, but I’m afraid it has no place in the current meta of WT.

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I don’t care if it may struggle with with the way the game currently is, this thing would be an absolute meme in game.


Also, this is the closest thing we’ll get to the SR-71 in game, so I’m all for it!


Definitely something that should come to the game to help contest the MiG-25 and MiG-31’s implementation in future.



+1, I don’t see this one being very strong but it could just be fun to fly.


Doesn’t this thing need to refuel immediately after taking off?

Perfect for after the F111?

Yes - but not because it is running out of fuel - it is in order to completely fill the tanks, drive out the gas fumes, and maximize the effect of the inert gas tank filling system.

The tanks had to be completely inerted to allow speeds >mach 2.6 - otherwise airframe heat posed a risk.


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Considering it’s payload option is less impactfull than the F-14 Phoenix’s it would be very balanced and would be a nice niche Event Vehicle or Premium aircraft. For those who like to go fast and shoot radar missiles, but understand alot can hit them ingame and it cannot outturn anything. Very much a boom and zoom aircraft.


I like this aircraft a lot but it would just not fit in the game, in air RB it would only be used to bomb bases and space climb never to be seen again, and in ground RB it wouldn’t be able to do proper CAS or air to air combat. The only place i could see it is in simulator battle where it would be used to do the objectives. It could also be added in ground rb as a reconnaissance vehicle where it would be kinda like the drones or the nuke bomber, usable with respawn points only to have a view of the battlefield from high altitude to locate enemy tanks.

it would outrun everything in the game

It does not have bombs. Only air to air missiles.

So CAS and sim aren’t even options, only the RP spawnable reconnaissance vehicle would make sens

This would be the Maus of the air… I need it (+1)

This would make a great interceptor in Air RB right now.


Sim is an option so is air rb because it carries radar guided air to air missiles. Just like the MiG-25 and MiG-31 they aren’t great at turning but still have deadly missiles.

There is also another reason this would be a brilliant option ingame. Other that it being balanced because of its lack of maneuverability and limited performing air to air radar missiles.

ALL of the Arch Angel series of aircraft from the A-12 to the SR-71, do not have fuel tanks. As metal or plastics/rubber would not survive the heat stresses so compartmented sections of the airframes were filled with fuel. Contraction in cold climates/on the ground meant it dripped fuel at a slow rate, whilst the heat from air resistance would seal those gaps.

THIS leads to the fact that the YF-12 will be INCREDIBLY flammable if damaged and if the body is slightly damaged depending on the sections, you will either lose all your fuel to the fuel leak or nearly all of it.

Again another thing that balances it’s addition to the game.

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It is an interesting piece of equipment
Maybe the aim47 would perform better than the aim54 on the f14 because the yf 12 basically wake’s up we’re the f14 with its engines is dying do to altitude

Basically a high tier p47 ta152h

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This aircraft would be really nice as an event award. However, that event month would be absolutely hell for War Thunder players.

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Why is everything that awesome having to be an event for the US?

This will single-handedly be one of the best/coolest aircraft in the whole game.

Its not a mid game item like the E100 or Obj279

I just dont get the sentiment. Itll still be in game regardless, but gatekeeping things is the point of events. Events need a rework before id agree to that