Lockheed YF-12A Blackbird - Worlds fastest interceptor.

If it is not a production varient it almost always is an Event Vehicle as it shouldn’t be in the tech tree.

Well thats totally false because thats NOT how dozens upon dozens of vehicles work in this game so…

yea i also think it will be an event vehicle given it would be very bad has tech tree or squadron vehicle because its a brick like the yak 28 at war thunder game play altitude also its a pain to land

actually i was wrong its even worse the sr 71 tops out at 750-900 meanwhile the yak 28 can go 1100 so the yf 12a would be 200-350kmh slower

It would be better as a TT vehicle, It’s performance would prolly lack alot.

Interesting the Aim-47s were direct predecessors to the Aim-54s. With only 6 successful firings with a 7th failing due to gyroscopic issues which was probably when it was being mounted rather than engineering.

What are you refering to with it being slower? Sea level speeds?

Yea or “close’” to it you need to go Very high before you can outspeed anything that isn’t a su25 or other slow planes