Lizard technologies event - not for regular players?

I don’t know if this is a mistake or if there is some secret pack for sale but the event requires the Panzer IV/70 (A) which is not the Tech tree variant. So… is this event only for players lucky enough to have the (A) variant that is no longer available or a mistake on Gaijins part?

Or did I completely miss something?

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It’s the same as the previous one with T-34-85E.
You can buy it in the store:



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Is this another “win 10 matches if already owned” situation?

As I understand, you can buy a bundle to get profile picture and title at lower price. Win 10 missions is only for a decal

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Bro is ripped

Found out you get the lot (according to in game Achievements)

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Is it possible to buy only the player icon without the vehicle curentlly? Beacuse I really like that icon and title, the tank would be useless for me since i dont main german nation.

No, I think you can’t(

What a shame😖

Too bad console players can’t get this. I’ve wanted this for forever. I’d spend that money instantly.

It is horrible and without bushing it a 2.0 can eat you up, or just hide under the raised gun with no depression.

It is a shame it can’t make use of its command role designation and have improved something or other since it is not as good as the tech tree - how Premiums should be, just better rewards.

You aren’t missing ouf outside of collection really, and its down to the companies making consoles and their rules.

I got it in one day. Played 13 matches, won 10 of them and for the ingame challenge you get the title, profile icon and the Russian (for whatever reason) text.

So I can confirm first hand what Coffeebean said.
This was also the first time I used thag SPG since I got it in 2015. xD

Because it’s a Russian meme event
You can find 5 parts of youtube shorts related to it on their channel btw)