Lizard decal doesnt make sense and doesnt work

Love the profilpicture and love the idea, but I got two major porblems with it.

  1. Why is the text in russian? I mean… it should be german or maybe english. It is a german lizard, sitting in a german tank and you need to play a german tank to unlock it and then the decal is russian? Thats just plain stupid, at least bring in a german or english version. I dont use decals in Cyrillic besides russian tanks, so this nice idea would be a waste.

  2. I completed the task and I got nothing. Not the decal, not the profile pic, nothing. Restarting didnt help either.

First issue is the more urgent issue for me, because… I would really love to put the german version of the decal on my E-100 xD

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maybe its a german lizard that learnt to speak russian

Then it should be the T-V or T-III tank, but not the Pz 4/70.

GJ needs to remember sometimes, that the majority of player are NOT russian or russian speaking.

because it Russia meme about confrontation ancient Rus and lizards

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Still GJ could think about people that are not russian and they are the majority.
They could at least bring a english and a russian version of such a decal.

Did you use the right Pz IV/70?
It’s (A), the premium one.

Yeah, found the solution.
The task was counted as completed, but I had to win one more time. Just tried it and it worked.

Because the meme is a russian one and describes the ancient rus (soviet russia) fight against the world dominating lizard people (Nato) who want to enslave people and only the benevolent Rus can save the rest of the world.

The message would be to obvious when translated.

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