Little John Adaptor

Originally designed by a Czech called “Janeček” literally meaning “Little John”

The adaptor was used on 2 Pounder Guns and even on the U.S. 37mm guns.

British Locust with Little John
(Future Battle Pass maybe?)

Tetrach and Daimler with Little John

37mm APCNR (1100m/s)
Core Diameter: 20mm
Core Weight: 248g
118mm @ 0m at 0 °
28mm @ 0m at 60 °

2 Pounder APCNR Mk.1 (1280m/s)
Core Diameter : 16.8mm
Core Weight: 178g
140mm @ 0m at 0 °
33mm @ 0m at 60 °

2 Pounder APCNR Mk.2 (1190m/s)
Core Diameter: 20mm
Core Weight: 248g
132mm @ 0m at 0 °
31mm @ 0m at 60 °

Penetration wise… APCNR just like APCR act the same against armour, both having a sub caliber carbide core.

The difference with APCNR is that it’s a lower diameter round than APCR which allows even greater velocity. It achieves this by having 2 “flaps”, 1 on each side. As the projectile goes through the little John adaptor, these flaps fold inwards which then allows the round to fit through the thinner adaptor. It’s the same philosophy as APFSDS. Those flaps act like a sabot, difference being that the flaps get folded inwards instead of getting discarded. Unfortunately due to the shape of the round and due to being a carbide, just like APCR it has bad performance against sloped armour.


It would be nice, but only if you can mount and demount it during the battle (like taking 10s each, could be done like the mechanic for repairing your tank).
Since it is such small calibre, and acts like APCR, this mechanic is needed, because you only want this in the battle, when you really need it.
When your pen is enough with the regular gun, it is better use it that way.
Spamming APCR(ish) shells all game would be the definition of suffering.


Very sad that Sweden gets APDS for their Rank 1 vehicles which they generally don’t need except when you use them as light vehicles in +3.0 BR battles.

Gaijin could probably just implement the little John as modification without changing anything about their BR. Even though having a light tank that can scout would be preferable.

The M22 with little John would be pure cancer though.
If solid AP actually detonated ammo instead of turning it yellow or orange, it could already be 5.0 or higher, just firing APC into the side of any medium tank.
It’s pretty much a Wiesel but having a cannon instead of a TOW launcher.
In a way, its a good thing that small caliber AP deals so little damage.

Personally I would just make these new vehicles. It’s a massive jump in penetration on vehicles with decent rates of fire and shoulder stop “stabilisers”.

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Idk. The same vehicle copy pasted, just with the little John and one type of ammo?

I guess it would be one easy solution…

How is it any different to something like the Jumbo? Literally just a gun change.

The other benefit is, if they add a Tetrarch (Little John) and Daimler (Little John) they could be high enough in BR to finally get scouting mechanics.

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Hmmm. I guess so.

Yeah, probably makes the most sense. More grinding but the benefit is having scouting and higher Rank.

Honestly a shame that we haven’t gotten them yet, when they are so easy to implement (95% copy&paste).

So did you make a suggestion?

I really want them in-game, like yesterday actually xD

It would be a significant jump in performance.
Considering how relatively uncommon these devices were in service, I don’t think that the vehicles in-game should get them and be moved up in BR. Maybe a foldered tech-tree vehicle, but that’s unlikely.
But a Tetrarch (Littlejohn) or even better a Daimler (Littlejohn) would be pretty perfect as the low-level reward for the next summer event.

M22 w/little john adapter would be the greatest thing ever. They need to add this to the game.

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And here we have the Conqueror-syndrome again.
“look it has high pen, must be OP”

Ahm, no.
When will the community finally understand, that shell penetration is essentially meaningless in this game.

Currently ALL APCR, and a lot of T.carbide APDS are essentially uesless. They constantly shatter, and even if they pen, they deal essentially no damage. Even the Conqueror’s 120mm deals the same damage as the new swedish 57mm on at BR 3.7, or even like the 37mm APDS.

Now, you want for these tanks to get the adaptor.
The british 40mm guns are already mostly used with APHE, and a few high pen solidshot.

Recently i played with a lot of them for grinding some tanks i did not have at low tier.
Even on the Churchill 1, APHE is still good enough, and if it need more pen, the soldshot with 89mm pen is enough.

The only case higher pen is needed are against KV-1, StuH, StuG III G, and M4s.
Lets investigate!
Since the adaptor would shoot APCR, the front of the tank is not pennable, even at close range unangled.
Gun matlet is out of question. The only place it could go through is the turret cheeks. The issue is, that crew is so far away from that, that it would deal literally no damage to the crew.

Driver’s port/Loader’s port is covered with track, so it would just shatter.
Just shoot the cupola with APHE. Of wait, you can’t with the adaptor.

Upper plate is out of question due to the angle.
It could only pen te early trash turrets.

The only somewhat meaningful way this could be added is by allowing to equip and upequip it during the battle.
Like you stop, press a button, and it gets equipped in like 10s. Same for unequiping.

If it is added as a permanent thing (like a separate tank), they would be utterly useless.

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They should just be modifications for the Tetrarch, the M22, and the Daimler. It’s literally just screwed onto the barrel. There’s nothing special or unique about it, in the sense that it required some immense modification to use.

It wouldn’t be overpowered, either. The post-penetration on it would absolutely suck, on the levels of what the squeezy boi (Sd. Kfz. 221) has.

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Sure, but it is a massive jump in penetration. Using Gaijin’s calculator you’re looking at around 148mm on the APCNR Mk 2 shot. Compared to 89mm on the APCBC on the regular 2-Pdr or 90mm on the APCR the Sd.Kfz.221 has.

A tetrarch or daimler with a little john would be far better than the German squeeze bore armoured car.