List of things Gaijin has messed up

Starstreak continues to be nonfunctional, especially during this event. It’d work 80% of the time when connected to EU/US from US (90-100ms EU, 20-30ms US) before, but now I get consistent 120ms ping (EU+US) and the missiles always phase through things.

I once launched 8 Starstreak SAMs at a Swede Havoc. The first gave him a crit that did no damage. The rest all quantum tunneled through him. I would’ve continued launching had he not killed me.

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None of this matters since the dev team wont look at this


Indeed, the Social outlets of Gaijin like this Forum, are just a pointless echochamber designed for players to screech their agony into. This is not my first f2p online Game, and in none of them did the Forums ever truly matter.

Sure, mods, admins, smin etc claim otherwise, but they have to.

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And people wonder why I’m freely insulting devs, who cares if they don’t even read ?

When you don’t show respect to someone (players), don’t be surprised the someone insults the offender (devs).


Lord knows, I have LEARNED to despise the devs (or rather, the devs taught me to despise them)! I know that not everyone can be happy with all results but I used to be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. That is, until the update when they nested the F9F-8 Cougar UNDER the F9F-5 Panther. So the update rolls out, my research is complete and I CAN’T HAVE MY F9F-8 COUGAR!!! I reported this bug and the response I got was, “It’s not a mistake.” Okay, the devs have a Free-to-play game but they want to encourage players to spend nonetheless. Well, I was! Since Covid, I haven’t been going to movies so I put that money in here and enjoyed it. Since Gaijin CHOSE to SCREW ME OVER, my spending has been cut probably 80-90%. I was giving you money and you had to SCREW ME OVER. I realize now that Gaijin is tired of their product and WANT it to crash and burn so they can do new things!

Yes, I’m bitter!

63 days without my F9F-8 Cougar!!!



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