List of things Gaijin has messed up....still all wrong and biased in the favor of RU and US

2S38= Not balanced and to much APFSDS since its and AA not a light tank IRL
CV90’s= Not having air tracking
KF41= APS not working worth a damn
KF41 and PUMA= AHEAD not working properly
STRV 103’s, Leclerc’s, Merkava 4’s= wrong reload
Balance in air around 9.0 to 10.0, aka planes with no counter measures fighting planes with aim9L’s and R60m’s
Saying there not ready to add Fox3’s and adds AIM-54’s to the game, cause some how that’s not a Fox3
Obj279 at way to low of a BR
No way to really deal with spawn campers
Russian tanks somehow absorb most APFSDS shot from flat side shots, and ammo not going off cause “wet storage”
Russia having the only best AA and CAS

Trying to get anything fixed in this game is nearly impossible because they refuse to make anything better then a Russian tank.
I’ve yet to see and actual fix to a tank and or plane that’s not Russian that actually made it better.

Forgot to mention,
This update, Adding 2 new top tier jets to nations who didn’t need them, instead of adding top tier jets to nations that do need them, Sweden, UK.

Another issue AZUR, Most British top tier tanks and m1a2 Sep both lacking Kinetic protection in there ERA


and don’t forget the armor on Leclerc and leopards is horrendously underperforming


Oh yea, forgot, my bad

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Hmmm… best CAS for USSR?

Its debatable but the smt is close to the best, probs in the same league as m2k-5f.

i say that relatively, since they can control the airspace.
aka with the pantsir and Ka 50, 52.
SU25’s have free rain
My bad on the wording


SMT’s CAS option is terrible and literally worse than mig-27K since 27K can carry same weapon(don’t tell me Kh-29TD has more range, that thing has less Δv than the Kh-29T), no thermal, worse TWR than F-16, worse RWR also. Really doesn’t look like being “close to best CAS” for me

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Ka-52 is sure powerful. But ka-50 is really not worth being best CAS as i think. Or for the recent update change to RWR might change my mind.

Fair i guess but its till worth a damn at killing tanks and helicopters

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well you are very hard to kill in smt compared to mig 27

Let me add other stuff…

Implementing supersonic jets and AAMs, premium jets was really bad idea in light of the current cesspool in Jet RB match.


According to your opinion, Yak-141 can easily be a “close to best CAS” since it is harder to kill than a SMT and has worse payloads. How about calling F-16C and F-14B the best CAS instead

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1-stock heatfs
2-fuel tank explosion in nato tank more than russian on for example leclerc
3- research point cap
4-BR compression
and more and more


You might want to put “For Top Tiers”, since this completely broken, as Top Tier always is, section seems to be the bane of players.

(Trick is to never ever play the top broken tiers until the game moves on).



You’re just being difficult it has two pretty high speed tv guided rockets great for killing spaa and two more tv guided bombs and yes it is near the top because there really isn’t much more to be better. I’m not saying f16C isn’t better simply pointing out it is good cas and that it is one of the best not that it is the best.

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Title, if that is the focus (so far it appears to be).

Ok, let me make my point clear. It’s not even close to best. And i would rather choose some 11.3 jets than this one because this thing is so unmatched for being one of the best CAS. If this thing only have had a FLIR, i would agree, but considering how unstable the TV weaponry is and it can only carry 4 of it, just feel like SMT lacks so many punch as CAS. Seriously, I’d rather choose 11.3 jets like mirage 2000D-R1, mig-27K and even harrier GR7 for better CAS option. SMT is worse than so many CAS planes

Idk i guess we just have different opinions I prefer a faster aircraft so I can actually get all my weapons off and short engagement times as good as I think laser weapons are like as30L there is quite the trade off with being more vulnerable and that it takes a lot of time to deploy weapons because its just one at a time.

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Way too small maps in general I think