List of East-German used ships and boats (possible additions)

A comprehensive list of all East German boats and ships that could still be added.

If you see a mistake, or want to add something, feel free to pm me, or write under this thread! :salute:

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  1. Tarantul-I


  1. Osa-I

  2. Sassnitz


  1. Iltis

  2. Wiesel

  3. Libelle [Implemented]

  4. Forelle

  5. P-6 (Project 183)

Coastal defence crafts:

  1. Parchim

  2. Riga [Implemented]

  3. Koni

Anti submarine warfare vessles:

  1. SO-1

  2. Hai


  1. Kondor

Landing ships:

  1. Hoyerswerda

Shoutout to @Private_Wolk for providing extra info! (sorry that it took me so long to make this thread). :salute:


I’m looking forward most to Hiddensee and Sassnitz

You might also want to add the Hoyerswerda landing ships, which were quite heavily armed.


I to would like to see furthermore Volksmarine vessels added so as well as we currently have three vessels one Pr.50 Escort Ship, one Pr.206 & one Pr.131.400 MTB’s.

(My Speculation on a thing related to their vessels): I remember from a datamine recently prior to 2.27 there was Strela-2 missiles mentioned for a Volksmarine vessel yet that could mean many vessels yet two possibilities are Pr.1331 & Pr.1241 both are an easy implementation since the soviets have Pr.1331M & the Pr.1241.2 corvettes and these vessels both have strela tubes ntm the premium corvette did have Strela-3 active on the dev server so in the coming updates we may see another Volksmarine vessel (I personally hope for a Pr.1331).

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This is the Pr.131, is it not ? afaik we already have this type ingame:

Yep, and the textures for it 's launcher and the visual model for the missile were brought to the live-version CDK w/ the release of the " La Royale " update.


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