List of East-German used planes (possible additions)

A comprehensive list of all East German planes that could still be added.

If you see a mistake, or want to add something, feel free to pm me, or write under this thread! :salute:

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This list is incomplete, you can help expand it!

Armed Trainers:

  1. L-29

  2. L-39ZO

  3. MiG-15UTI

  4. MiG-21U

  5. MiG-21US

  6. MiG-21UM

  7. MiG-23UB

  8. MiG-29UB

  9. Su-22UM3K [Implemented]

  10. Yak-11

Multirole Fighter Aircraft:

  1. Lim-5 / MiG-17F

  2. Lim-5P [Implemented]

  3. MiG-17

  4. MiG-19PM

  5. MiG-19S [Implemented]

  6. Lim-6bis

  7. Su-22M4 [Implemented]

  8. MiG-21F-13

  9. MiG-21M

  10. MiG-21MF [Implemented]

  11. MiG-21PF

  12. MiG-21PFM

  13. MiG-21SPS

  14. MiG-21SPS-K [Implemented]

  15. MiG-21bis [Implemented]

  16. MiG-23BN [Implemented]

  17. MiG-23MF [Implemented]

  18. MiG-23ML

  19. MiG-23MLA [Implemented]

  20. MiG-29A (9-12A) [Implemented]

The Controversial and Obscure:

  1. IL-28 (Operated as target-tugs) [Implemented]

  2. La-9 (5 acquired by East Germany in 1953, but never used as combat-planes, only for training of engineering-personnel)

  3. OKB-1 Baade 131 (Experimental light frontline jet-bomber designed by East German engineer Brunolf Baade)

  4. OKB-1 Baade 140 (Experimental medium frontline jet-bomber designed by East German engineer Brunolf Baade)

  5. OKB-1 Baade 150 (Experimental heavy frontline jet-bomber designed by East German engineer Brunolf Baade)


will you make a list for GDR helicopters as well?

Good work.

East german MIG 29 UB is so beautiful, probably can go in the attacker line.

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According to this website,
NVA never used a single Lim-6bis, the photo you find is probably a Lim-5 (MiG-17F). That β€˜β€˜Mars-2’’ 16Γ—57mm S-5 rocket launcher may let you mistakenly believed those planes are Lim-6bis

In Detlef Billig, Manfred Meyer, Flugzeuge der DDR I. Band bis 1962 (2002) it is mentioned that some Lim-5P were converted to Lim-6bis standard, but without the breaking chute. So externally they would look similar to a Lim-5P and would probably still have the same tactical markings and so on.

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@Stuhlfleisch Another possible addition is the MiG-23S

Given to East Germany by the Soviets as an instructional airframe.

East Germany possibly order the export Su-27, Not sure tho.

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