List of blue water fleet vessels with launch-able floatplanes

Not sure why I am having such a hard time finding this answer on the big World Wide Web. I’m curious to know which blue water ships have launch-able floatplanes. I bought a premium heavy cruiser in the Japanese tree that has launch-able and flyable floatplanes. I figured that other ships that have catapults would automatically have the aircraft, but that’s not the case. A premium American heavy cruiser I bought has catapults but no planes.

Look at the planes for each country, they list the vessels they’re on.

Where? For example, give me an American tech tree aircraft that would be launchable from an American ship. I can’t see by just looking at the tech tree, or at least I don’t know where to look.

Follow the link I gave you to the list of them all.

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Actually nice found, I will use this page as reference. =)

You can also find the list of ships that are able to launch floatplanes here:

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This is perfect! Thanks D!