Line after the leopard 2k

What are tanks which could fit behind the leopard 2k? I thought of a prototype or export line. What do you think?

Ideally it goes the way of the new HC abrams line, with say the leo PSO and some later L/44 models of the sort after, with the L/55 variants going in the existing leo line

propably gonna be sth like an export prototype line, that being said we propably wont get a new mbt any time soon, lights like most other countries should be the priority

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Hot take:
move 2k to regular leo line and add polish “sub tree” after t72, including pt91twardy, pt91m, pt91ex, pt16 and pt 17. Maybe even polish K2?

We already have polish leo in the tree and poland and germany are close military partners nowadays.

Some people in poland even say we are in germany since not so long ago lol.

i mean they could start adding something for the 11.3-10.7 br bracket

Move the PSO from the regular Leo line to after the 2k, as it was a tech demo.
Then the 2A7+ can sit behind the PSO.


Hell no
There’s hundreds of Polish vehicles, they don’t deserve a single line.

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Before the Leopard 2K, the only option I know of is the Leopard 2K 105mm.

After that, you have many options.

You have the 120mm Leopard 2AV, which is basically the same Leopard 2AV we have in the game, but with the 120mm armament.


Have the Leopard 2A0

This is a Leopard 2A1, but the 2A2 has the same configuration, the only difference is that the 2A1 was made new. And the 2A2 were 2A0 models that were reconfigured


And 2A3 which is the last stage before 2A4

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EMBT (2019)

EMBT (2022)

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Leo 2a4 revolution would come to my mind rn

the 2PL is pretty much a revolution, i recommend the leopard advanced technology demonstrator


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that looks awesome

advanced revolution package with APS system and rcws

what kind of frontal armor does it have? Is it rather like the 2pl or the 2a7v?

it has the add on armor of the 2a7v if you mean that, internal is ahrd to say

Prototypes more than exports, I think.
Vehicles such as the 2AV 120, 2 IMP, PSO, 2A7+ (not a prototype, I know), 2RI, 2 revolution, etc. would go into this line. There are also lots of multinational prototypes that would fit here. The biggest issue I see is finding a vehicle(s) to put between the 2AV and 2 IMP.

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What br do you expect them to be, if they would be added?

2AV 120 would probably be 10.0 as its performance is equivalent to the 105mm version. The next vehicle I can think of for that line is the Leopard 2IMP, which was the prototype of the 2A5. It’s a 2A5 with DM33 as the top round and would be probably 11.0 or 11.3. I think this vehicle actually has even better armour than the 2A5, equal to the Strv 122A, but I’m not sure about that.

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perhaps there might be some later batch 2a4s, which could be fitted with better rounds and have better armor.

those should go in the main leo line