Limiting the number of vehicles or giving us free respawns in Ground RB due to russian oversaturation

It is very difficult as a smaller nation player, to get any kind of wins when you have over saturation in the russian vehicle line. At some points in the tech tree you only 1 or even 0 vehicles at the BR you are pulled into. While russia has 8, 9, or 10 vehicles at that same BR. This causes win problems because you run out of completive vehicles.

No I will not pay money for backup vehicles.


A) Limit users to no more than 3 tank spawns and 1 SPAA.

B) Give us up to 3 spawns per vehicle.

Otherwise the one death quitting will have to continue.


You can get backups for free (I mean for warbonds). I have like 50 of them and never paid single GE.

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who even spawns 8 times

Probably no one, it’s just used as a cheap argument most of the times.

Imagine even being able to spawn in 3 times at the same BR in a small nation.

Having 10 vehicles at one BR means having all kinds of options. You don’t even need to spawn in 8 times, you can simply pick and choose from a slew of all kinds. Vs nations where you get maybe 2 vehicles at that BR and a good luck.

Unless you name a nation + BR this is utterly meaningless, it’s extremely rare even big 3 nations like Rus/US/Germany have more than 3 meta vehicles at a BR and the rest is spaghetti like a casemate TD.

How about this, the number of times a nation has 7 or more vehicles at 1 BR:

russia = 7 times.
USA = 4 times.
Germany = 4 times.
UK = 2 times.
Sweden/Finland = 2 times.
Isreal = 2 times.
Taiwan/china = 1 time.

France = 0 times.
Japan = 0 times.
Italy = 0 times.

And that is including 9 vehicles at the popular 8.7 BR for russia. Object 279, BMP-2, T-55AMD-1, and more all at 8.7.

who even spawns 7 or more vehicles

As long as a nation has 2 or more competitive tanks it’s pretty much viable because of how positioning is one of the most important factors in the game and dying causes you to lose it. It’s incredibly rare to get a team that spawns more than twice with any consistency and you are here like Russia is clutching with the 8th spawn Shturm-S


Ok… Here are the number of times a nation has 0 or only 1 vehicle at a specific BR:

russia = 3 times. (the only nation with a vehicle at every single BR).
USA = 4 times.
UK = 5 times.
Germany = 5 times.
Taiwan/china = 14 times.
Japan = 14 times.
Italy = 14 times.
Isreal = 14 times.
France = 14 times.
Sweden/Finland = 18 times.

Think about that. At 18 different BRs playing Sweden you get 1 tank at that BR. Just one. Sweden has 0 tanks at 6.0, 1 at 6.3, 1 at 6.7, 1 at 7.0, and 0 at 7.3… You try building a competitive line up against russia who has 8 tanks at 6.3 with that kind of setup.

You think Russia is the biggest threat at 6.3?

You going to completely ignore how I just showed you why its a problem. And yes, when you can simply jump from one T34 to another, while other nations get 1 shot at it and your done. It is a problem.

You get 1 tank at the right BR, and when its gone you leave your team with a one death quit. Its basically forcing players to quit after a single death.

Never said it wasn’t a problem for some nations I’m just sick of you crying about Russia especially when it’s a non-issue

woooooow T-34s at 6.3

Best way to play minor nations is play between BRs with the best lineups. Not really a problem if China doesn’t have 5 vehicles at 6.3 when 5.7 is mega stacked and you can grind all the to 8.0 with it.

If you can’t see the issue, then clearly you are being dishonest to minor nations. You really think the answer is just “sit at only two BRs to grind the entire tree”. No… that’s a completely stupid take on the issue.

The easier thing to do, would be to give people 3 “respawns” they can use in any vehicle they want.

That’s already in the game, it’s called Arcade.

No one cares about arcade, so I guess I need to specify. In Ground RB.