Limited personal offer (Premium)

Im currently level 20. I dont get any limited personal offer.

My friend does.

Whats the issue??

Could be the case that you live in a country with good consumer practices/laws and therefore you dont get exposed to predatory sales tactics.

If you want sales then just wait for the May sales.


We both live in germany

Why would you complain about this, they’re total scams to get you to buy something that you could care less for.

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That personal offer is as good as exchanging currency on the street and getting fake currency (Monopoly money). Better wait for sales in May or November/December. Also, do not buy any already researched vehicles (Rank III and above) for SL now. Wait for the sale.

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Limited personal offers are random I believe, their not really good offers anyways.

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They’re random and not worth it. Wait for a sale and get the same premium or one you actually want at 50% off.

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I’m fed up with them. They are just money off coupons for premium vehicles, so unless you have tons of cash and want to start collecting the premium vehicles, you are lucky you do not get them. Even right now I have 2 of the bloody things. I would prefer research and silver boosters or the cash prize.

It’s the same with the boxes in the picture, they are useless too unless you want to start buying keys off of their market place. They say you can sell the boxes if you don’t want them on the market place aswell but, there are literally hundreds of them for sale on there where no one wants them, and the keys are expensive for what “could” be in it. Any way they can think to get money from you, they will try.