Limited ARH for F-15

I figured compatibility tests were two-fold, as in equipping and usability of AIM-120Bs on the F-15J airframe. Could you provide a source to back your claims?

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Timeline-wise, it would not be a valid argument (something you did not truly bring in) to mention the denial of equipment usage based on the year of testing being much later than any other aircraft/armament addition.

I am not arguing that Japan created the AAM-4 to fix its fuselage vibrational issues with the AIM-120Bs, but merely that the F-15’s airframe would allow for AIM-120 mounting on wing pylons, as seen in the image posted above. If you do not want AIM-120 mounting, allow for AAM-4 mounting, as that has been tested.

You have provided an excellent argument for why the fuselage of the aircraft cannot and should not be able to carry and use AIM-120Bs, but that is not the center of the argument for Japan’s F-15s.

Whoever asserts, provides the evidence. If you can find any picture of a JASDF F15J MSIP II (other than JSI)mounting an AIM-120, I’ll admit I was wrong. Otherwise, you’d better admit that you have little to no understanding of JASDF’s equipment. I’ve already clearly explained the procurement situation of JASDF to you. If you still pretend not to see it, I have nothing more to say.

Here’s how I’d put it: “In theory, the current F15J MSIP II should be capable of launching AIM-120 (since the AAM4 and AIM-120 pylons are compatible). Whether Gaijin chooses to include this capability in the game is their decision, and I don’t mind being able to mount both AAM4 and AIM-120 simultaneously. (Because in the game, the MiG-29 9.12 and the MiG-29 of East Germany shouldn’t have the ability to launch R27ER either.) I’m simply stating that in reality, the JASDF hasn’t equipped their F15Js in operational squadrons with AIM-120 (though it’s possible they might acquire more AIM-120D in the future, along with JSI upgrade plans, etc.).”

Yes you made good points and arguments however in the scope of the game it does not matter, especially when we have aircraft carrying weapons they never did in service in real life like German R-27ER or for Hungarian MiG-29 9.12B which is known to not be able to use R-27T but it is there in the game. We should not be promoting double standards, not saying you are but others who deny this capability to it, also there are clear pictures of the F-15J with a AIM-120 mounted on it and the compatible wing hardpoints as I sent above this thread


2x 9Ms and 6x 120As is superior to both. Should at least give us the option


4x 9Ms and 4x 120As is superior.

yeah, no. The amraam is better than the 9m and you only need 2 9ms


You won’t win. He’s always right.

It’s not a matter of equality or reality anymore. This update is just more proof on top of the pile. Realistically we should be able to fill this thing with AIM-120 if we want to.

The Russian equivalent gets them 🤷


No one can be correct on this topic, it’s 100% preference and experience.
So no, I am not any more correct than F-81 is.
Also there is no “this update” as live server doesn’t have these vehicles.

I am not arguing whether the F15J in the game should be equipped with AIM-120s; theoretically, it does have this capability. Japan indeed planned to equip the F2 and F15J with AIM-120s alongside the FX program (although we haven’t seen this yet). I am simply pointing out that at least in the early 2000s, the JASDF’s F15J did not have the capability to launch ARH. However, it is certain that the F15J, which completed the second phase of the MSIP upgrade in the game, (the engine is wrong in the game should be upgrade to F100-IHI-220E )does have the capability to launch AAM-5s due to having an HMD. GAIJIN could definitely give it 4 AAM-5s and 4 AAM-4s. Then, the next vehicle in the tech tree could be the F15J JSI with the capability to launch AIM-120D, and it could even carry over 12 aim120s like the F15EX.

cough F-15J using AIM-9Ms cough


Well well it has been added to it anyway so W for gaijin and us who defended it should get them