Limit CAS in RB for each player

Only GRB would never pass through and the only solution would limit the CAS each player can spawn. Two CAS for each player = One helicopter and one jet/plane. Not multiple planes/helicopter after you are being shot down in GRB.


na I like to watch ground targets cope with my GBUs


Get ready to be replied by the same people as in other topics with the same arguments which were already debunked.


It’s always the same with these irrational complaints, which is why these threads are not to be taken seriously.


‘Whiners’ You mean new people seeing the same problem as others that get attacked by the same people with the same arguments?


Yep, either it is s skill issue or it was a planes only game before ground was brought in. As long as people keep paying for premiums nothing will change so might as well adapt.


I’ll just throw my two cents in
CAS is one of two reasons why I avoid Ground RB

I mean people, who empower enemy CAS, by allowing it to roam freely out of selfish reasons.


So people who are not dying too fast or leaving the vechicle in order to get into a plane as fast as possible because they just want to use ground units in Ground mode?

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I will say this and those who love CAS will bash me, Maps get made smaller and cover areas get blocked off = Advantage planes. New weather = Advantage planes. Points system we currently have = Advantage planes. Every fix in most patches = Advantage planes ( Most fixes are for air or Graphics). Tell me when I’m telling lies.


People who straight up refuse to use counters for perceived enemy air domination and rather spawn four tanks in a row just to come to the forums crying about how they get bombed repeatedly.

@USMC_Asemo75: how does low visibility benefit aircraft? Visibility below 1km means that they only have a few seconds to adjust their flightpath for a proper attack run and at top tier, where they get thermal pods to see through fog the SPAA is unaffected by low visibility, too.


‘because they just want to use ground units in Ground mode’?


I do not mind CAS but what I do mind is getting revenge bombed by a player who uses nothing but premiums. I have taken out CAS with just my tanks alone with my long barrel so yeah most pilots can’t even fly right. except most times straight into the ground for a revenge bomb.

People actually want to play tanks in tanks mode?
Who would have thought…


You cannot see the plane until it is too late, are you really that uneducated?

Where is this ‘tanks mode’ you are speaking of?

@USMC_Asemo75 and the plane can’t see you in time to properly aim.


Right there
But it’s dominated by CAS sadly

As I mentioned above, that’s one of two reasons why I avoid playing GRB

Show me a screenshot of where I can find that ‘tanks mode’ and its mode description please.

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I can argue against that as I have taken advantage of the weather while in a plane take my time wait for my team to point out the enemy drop out of clouds bomb or strafe get a couple kills go back into cloud cover rinse and repeat.

I never said “tanks ONLY mode”, have I?
I was alluding more towards that people want to play tanks rather than fly airplanes in “Air RB but with actual player controlled ground forces”