Light mode?

Is there a light mode for the new forum anywhere? Kinda hate the dark mode, usually an option somewhere but cant find it


No light mode right now. Not sure if something like that is planned for the future.

It should very much be considered, if nothing else, as an important accessibility feature. Some may struggle with reading white text on a black background.

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You can use third party apps to change it

needs to be added asap Withe in black is so hard to ready and hurts the eyes.

We’ll see. The feedback has been passed, it is up to our web devs to decide.

If they are already infrimated about it, tell them that this trust lvl must be removed.

This new version sucks anyway.!!! you all destroyed it.

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The funny thing is I even remember forums 25 years ago having multiple skins, so you can customize the look of it to your liking. Gaijin’s approach: You will use our forum as we want it and you will like it, comrade.

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