Lies from the protection analysis

according to the analyzer my Abrahams 1 with a shell pinning 372 mm from 10 meters should have , from where my shell hit the AMX 30 Super { uper frontal plat } ,right hatch cover . Should have killed broke his breech and killed gunner driver and commander, which would have killed his tank . Instead he shoots me and kills me .I don’t see how that could happen? Either the game is broke with damage results from certain tanks and the analysis was right . He should have been dead ,or ath analysis is all wrong and my shell is no good .The analysis of your shot needs to be accurate .Please either fix the protection analysis function to match the game ,or get rid of it . It’s to frustrating to be told one thing but something is just the opposite in game . Or am I not reading the analysis correctly?

I would say this is most likely a de-sync or volumetric moment