There are actually only 100 levels in-game, it didn’t changed since 2013. Why not to add others levels and others gifts ? Like 200/300 levels could be good with like GE to win or a rare vehicle. What do you think guys ?


As in you keep getting levels and once you reach certain milestones you can get GE or even some crate vehicles?

In a way, I would support that.
I look at levels as an indication of game knowledge of sorts ( though there are still exceptions, 90% of the playerbase tends to be braindead anyway, or well, in a top tier premium lol) and raising the cap would defo mean something.
Regarding rewards, something like low tier premium vics, SL or profile pictures could be a thing as well. Although, premium vics aren’t exactly a good reward IMO.
Oh, and titles would be cool as well.

Even just an extra 50 levels with just more SL rewards could be good. New vehicles cost a lot.

Because only new players care about levels as they think they are important for something…

They do give a nice SL boost as rewards. Extra 50 levels for those at max might mean another few mil for just playing the game. A nice little boost

They improved the economy month ago and you want “nice little boost” already xD

When a new top tier vehicle costs 1.2m currently. Guessing the rank 9 around the corner are going to be 1.5m+ So yeah. wouldnt say no to an extra 2 or 3 mil. Would you?

I dont care I dont play top tier.