Level System and Ranked battles!

First discussion….

I believe there should be higher levels than just level 100. If you play for a while you’ll eventually hit level 100 regardless and I think it should definitely be extended with higher rewards!!!

Second discussion……

I believe there should be a Ranked battle system for the game. It should be based on a players skill and abilities in each type of vehicle. For example you are really good at Tanks and your rank is Gold but you’re not so good at planes so your Bronze. I think it would also have awards at the end of seasons.

This is just my opinion on adding new things to the game

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Ranked would kill the game, what makes WT so great is the lack of Skill Based Matchmaking


I’d be curious to learn more about why you think that. I don’t have enough experience with MMOs to be able to form a comparative opinion. Intuitively, I’d say meeting better players helps you improve, that makes sense to me, but wouldn’t that happen anyway if you progressed through different pools? I’d like to understand how this “works”.

Nobody wants to constantly fight sweatlords, as simple as that

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I am not sure if we have all the same understanding what “ranked battles” actually means.

If you play long enough you might realize that the MM takes a hell of parameters into consideration - including your current performance.

You might have realized that after a certain amount of wins in a row your teammates get “less experienced” (to be polite) and your enemies gets smarter (and better) - at least on average.

Just look at the scoreboard direct after spawn - so all with 0 points. The order of players is not alphabetical, it reflects various parameters including overall and current performance.

So if you assess yourself as “decent” or “ok” and find yourself at or near the top of your own team you should act careful. Therefore i usually do a quick check of the enemy team in the first seconds of the match, just to identify squadded pilots and the best players on the enemy team.

Sometimes it seems that the MM creates extremely unbalanced lobbies on purpose - i analyse often very good and very bad games via server replays and I see often several hundred % difference regarding the overall game experience. So it is not unusual that the top 5 players (after the match) of team A have for example 200 days experience in RBs and team B just 20.

Despite this sounds contrary to my claim that the MM somehow considers skill: it make sense from a holistic pov - a f2p provider has actually zero interest in a fair and balanced game play. The perfect mix of fun and frustration is essential for their goal to sell premium stuff whilst giving the illusion that this premium stuff will help to overcome fully intended imbalances…

From my pov we will never know exactly how gaijin steers matches. After several years playing and reading the forum very carefully i found dozens of posts dealing with “sinister” functionalities within the MM - some of these posts were not deleted fast enough or are still there.

Even without wearing a tin foil hat: Some of those posts were very convincing. I remember a fellow player who was trying to prove different “approaches” of the MM during the day time and based on server population. I mean he tracked his matches for several months very detailed…


You’ve just reminded me of something re matchmaker analysis. I’ll send you a DM about it.

We have had a small ranked system in the past and it will certainly come back again (rankings challenge)

you should be in favour of this really. what it does is take the sweats out of the main pool of players for random battles and puts them in their own system so you don’t have to fight them anymore!

It should run more often and hopefully can become a monthly thing. like the 1st of every month is 1v1 air 2nd is ground 1v1, 4-5th is 2v2, 8-9th is 5v5 etc.

I didn’t play enough of it last time and really enjoyed the 1v1 aspect. especially props.

WOuld also be interested in that DM if you don’t mind

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While I agree, levels should run to 250 or even 500 . . just for extra prizes and to let others know about “total game experience” more than anything. Using player levels as some sort of gauge or “skill” to be used for matchmaking won’t work here as some of the ways that a player’s level advances has nothing to do with any skills at all, such as purchasing premiums and that sorta thing. But yes, acknowledging accomplishments/achievements in the game stagnates at a very low place and can be easily attained after a short time. I believe I made it to lvl 100 in 7 - 8 months from when I started and I had not purchased many things at the time, so it was almost all just from playing the game . . . a lot . . . lol.
As for the second part . . . just not feasible in the game as it is, because no real good/fair way to “Rank” players, so any kinda of ranking system would be flawed/skewed and doomed to failure for the start . . . seems like to me.
Stats are skewed and easily manipulated if one chooses to do so. I kinda like the idea and it does “look good on paper”, however, just too many problems with it to be practical . . . besides the labor involved, yeow . . . if Gaijin had ever considered such a thing, we would have seen it by now me thinks . . .